"Out of the way from everywhere....."

So we just got back from a whirlwind trip to Ohio, normally a little under a 7 hour drive, but with children make it 9. We had a lovely Thanksgiving with B's family....more pics to come soon.

I've been wanting to stop at Mcmaster & Storm for 2 years now, but with their slogan of "Out of the way from everywhere...and on the way to nowhere" drilled in my head (and my husband who's doing the driving) it's been hard. Their shop is right on the Indiana/Ohio border, but a good 30 minutes from I-70, and that's what we were on.

Luckily, we got to stop there today,(thank your Bryan!!!) and Darcy, it's just darling! Kara and Darcy run this shop together, though Kara was with her family on the East Coast for Thanksgiving.

I got to peruse the shop, buying a few things (stapler out of stock!) and taking in some photo's. The shop was full of customers, and being a small retailer, it's wonderful to have that on Black Friday.

Thanks for the warm hospitality Darcy,missed you Kara, your shop is just lovely!! (and out of the way from everything......)

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Tuesday Talk.

We are off to the lovely state of Ohio tomorrow for Thanksgiving. What are your plans? Are you hosting this year or off to moms house? I miss Thanksgiving at my Moms house, nobody does a turkey quite like mom.
But, she lives in New Mexico, and it's quite expensive to fly there with a family of 5!
I'm excited to stop by and see some friends, like Darcy from McMaster & Storm. Kara (the other half) will be on the East Coast, (I'll see you next time, Kara).

On another note, Bryan and I got to sneak away last Sunday to go and see Wicked. Have you seen? It was wonderful! I could see it 100 times, it was that good.

Have a wonderful, peaceful, Thankful day on Thursday! I'll catch up when I return........

p.s. do you like the new music? when i get back, i'm going to do a post regarding music on blogs.


I'm dreaming of a white and wonderful....

I am so tickled this season to be surrounded by wonderfully creative friends. Do you ever sit back and wonder how women do it? I know I do. I know how busy my life is, raising 3 children, running a shop, taking care of my family, my home, my self. I am TRULY honored, tickled, and just in plain AWE how we as women, creative or not, how we do it.

I spent some time today going through everybody's shop, through their blog and found some pretty amazing things. Take a look:

~The Kay Clutch~ A Bushel and a Peck {i think it's perfect as a make-up bag, or diaper clutch}

~Ivory ruffled ribbon~ One Hundred Wishes {I'm wrapping everything in this!}

~ Personalized stationary ~ Le Papier designs {These are going to make some great thank you cards}

~ Cloud Dress ~ Edens Bouquet { This is perfect for Baby Wren, who by the way was born yesterday!}

~Tick Tock print ~ Blissful Images { I need this in the largest size avail for my wall in the bedroom}

All of these fabulous things found above are from friends, my creative wonderful friends, who have families, shops, lives. I am so thankful to have such amazing, creative girls in my lives.

I thank you.


Meet the husband....

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, only to return home to find it. ~ George Moore

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Random Facts.

I am not camera shy. I love a grande skinny vanilla latte. I love Anthro (who knew?). My family always comes first. My friends are my stability.

Let me also tell you what makes my shop so perfect (in my eyes).

We are not famous. We have not been in magazines. We are not a known name.

We are small. We are unique. We love our customers. If you haven't stopped by in a while, then by all means, please come in...........here.

Here are a few new things in shop. Jeanne from A Bushel and a Peck custom made this lovely frame just for Lola B's Boutique. I love the bird on the right, and the paper posie on the left. Who would want to put a pic in it, it's so darn perfect.

There are only a handful of these small notebooks left. Ooohhhh. just the perfect stocking stuffer.

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A super "sweet" baby shower

Oh my goodness. These Creme Brulee's were out of this world, and the mini pumpkins were filled with pumpkin creme brulee.

This last Sunday, I hosted a baby shower for my dear friend Marti here in my home. I am already head over heels in love with the name she picked out for her baby girl. Scarlett Wren.

Of course if you have been reading my blog, you know my children's names are a bit unique, but not crazy. I Love unique names, it sets you a little apart.

Marti is going to call her Wren and is going with a bird theme in the nursery. I can't wait to show you some of those pictures, because I got to help her a teeny tiny bit:)

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We have a winner.

All i have to say is "wow"! Well over 50 comments, and what a treat to hear about what you were thankful for that morning. I am so thankful to have such loyal readers, it makes blogging such a pleasure!

I also get the idea on how to get comments.

1) offer a giveaway.
2) make it a fun and wanted giveaway.
3) get comments
4)pick winner.
5) hope people keep coming back to visit.

So, you want to know who the winner is huh?

It's Kasey from the famous Lola B's Boutique!

She unfortunately, has decided to give her Anthro card to the runner up, probably because she feels like she is all hooked up for the winter.

So, runner up is: Paige from simple thoughts. So if you're out there Paige, then email me with your address! Kasey@lolabboutique.com


Did somebody say it's my 100th POST?

I can't believe this is my 100th post. I have to say that i love to post, and that when i say i won't be posting for a week, well.....it's just hard to stay away.
Does anyone else feel the same way? I always have something to say. From the "thank you's" to you lovely readers, to pics of my kids, and shop shots, to what i even have on for the day.
So, tell me my dear readers, what you are grateful for today. Just one thing that you woke up and decided that you are grateful for.
I woke up this morning and was grateful for the wonderful night i had with my hubby. We went to see Jackopierce, and haven't see them in over 10 years. They still have it by the way.

O.k. so for the 100th post, i of course only think it's proper to have an ANTHRO giveaway.
Don't you?
Could you use a new skirt? How about half of a boot? Or some small Christmas stocking stuffers?
A $100 gift card is coming your way. Tell me one thing you woke up and were grateful for.
Winner will be picked fair and square with numbers in a hat, and B picking it out!
Thank you for always coming back to Lola B's.
By the way.................you can still shop for some lovely Christmas goodies here.


Gratitude......and a little frosting on top.

I wanted to let you know, my lovely readers, that I truly appreciate you! I might not always tell you, but I do.
I occasionaly get letters from you, and that makes my day. Knowing that I am reaching out to you, really makes me thankful that i have you to tell all about my happenings.
So, thank you dear reader!
I also wanted to fill you in on something special! I believe I am coming on my 100th post!!
Now, that calls for a celebration don't you think?? So................keep checking back, and we will see what it will be............................

Dear Kasey,

Here I am...a girl completely new to the computer. I just got internet for the first time last week and I am trying to create a website for an online store that my sister in law and I are trying to start. I was surfing around doing research and found the farm chicks. They seem really great. I found your sites from theirs. The first time I clicked on your blog and that music started...I was mesmerized! I put the blog on my "favorites star" and kept finding myself returning to hear Regina. You have me completely hooked on her music. I can't get it out of my head.
I love your website. It is beautiful. It's like opening the page of a really good scrapbook.
I too am 34. I am the mother of 2 lovely girls, 7 and 5. I love all things French, the color white, and being outdoors.
My family and I live in a 1901 Craftsman house in Missouri. I love our old house...it took me two years to talk my husband into it and it was worth the wait. It is a work in progress but so satisfying to finish each project.
It has been fun to look through your decorating ideas, and your photography is enviable. (I don't have a digital camera yet-that is next on my list to update me into this century)
Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I've enjoyed the reading and have been inspired.
Best Wishes,

Hi,> >> > My name is Gail Kramer, I live about 30 miles outside Washington, D.C., in > > Maryland close to Annapolis and I wanted to introduce myself as a new > > reader and follower of your blog. I first discovered the decorating blog > > world a few months ago and was instantly hooked. I was inspired to start > > my own blog and I'm having a great time with it so far.> >> > I wanted to thank you for being part of that inspiration. I've been a > > wife for 20 years and a stay-at-home mother for 12 years and this is the > > first time in my life I really feel like I'm bursting to fuel my own > > passions (decorating, writing, selling fabulous finds) and its thanks to > > women like yourself that I've discovered in the blog world that I feel > > empowered to do my own thing. You're out there leading by example and > > it's amazing for women like me to be able to sit in the comfort of our own > > homes and "watch" it happen. It's inspiring, and I thank you for helping > > in part to fuel a desire that's been hidden way too long in me.> >> > I think sometimes the hardest part of redefining yourself is actually > > saying the words. For some it comes easier than others, but for me, I > > feel so brave to just put myself "out" there now and actually proclaim > > what I want to do. It feels good.> >> > Keep up the great blogging, you're inspiring lots of people you probably > > aren't even aware of. I just wanted to make sure I told you how you've > > inspired me.> >> > Thank you!> >> > Gail Kramer


if you don't know her....

This is my best friend Jeanne. I met her a little over 5 years ago at a park in the town that i had just moved to. Jeanne and her hubby were in the process of building their house and we all just happened to be at the park, all of us, at the same time. Her oldest is just a little older than my oldest, and her middle just a little younger than my middle.
Jeanne introduced herself, and gave me her phone number.
I never called her.
It wasn't till i was pregnant with my third that we really found each other again.
Jeanne is one of my very best friends. She truly cares about me and my family.
She cares about my children. She's honest, she's fun, she's creative.
This girl is going places.
She flew to California to meet me for 5 hours.
She knows what an Illinois winter is all about.
She and her family called to sing Happy Birthday to me.
She asks about how I feel about closing my shop.
She's a friend.
She cares.
Thanks for being you!


I'm taking a break!

I have to say a big Thank you for all your birthday wishes! It was fun to wake up Sunday morning and have a cupcake breakfast with the family. We have a wonderful little cupcake shop that just opened up here on Saturday. Oooohh, you better believe it will be a weekly treat! My awesome hubby couldn't resist and did buy me this lovely hat from Anthro, so here it is:) There are a few new things in shop this week, and the pics are slowly getting on. You can start by shopping here!

And last but not least.......................the week has started and I need to pack up my shop, my brick n mortar shop. It'll be a long week, so hence the blog break.
Once the shop is packed up, then I can get ready for the Holiday open house.
Till we meet again.................................

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Small wonders

I've come to the realization that i can take a picture. I'm not a photographer, but i can take a picture.I really think i have a stylist eye, and that may help or It may just be that the subjects are my kids and their friends, but i can. (help me out Mrs French!!)

My camera is a Canon Rebel, and i got the same one that Sara had after she recommended it to me. If you haven't seen Sara's pics from The Parisian Soiree, then go check them out. Wonderful.

My goal is to learn more, to be able to really add to the photo, but yes, i can take a good picture.


Come see my nest......

Shop Lola B's Boutique at home...

You are invited to join me in my home,

Friday, December 5th


email me

to receive your private invitation.


Life in 48 hours......

I started my weekend here at the beach near San Diego,and I was able to see my grandmother who is going to be 90 in February, and she still lives on her own, on this lovely beach.

Then i spent the eve with this lovely girl. Kimberly is my 19 year old cousin who goes to school in San Diego but is from Colorado. I was lucky to have her in my life and see her become who she is today. I lived in Vail once years ago (that is where i met my hubby, but that's another post).

O.k. now this is where the fun starts. One of my best freinds Jeanne and I attended Heather Bullards event on Sunday in Riverside. As you can see, Jeanne had SO much fun putting together one of projects that was part of the event.

And then I got to meet my other best friend Sara. (she might not think I'm her bff, but she's definitely mine). Sara is the famous SadieOlive, and the reason my site looks the way it does.

I practically email her every day, actually going to send her an email right now;) I just want to say, that i have a feeling her pictures that she is going to post will be beautiful. Nice camera Sara!

Oh, and see my necklace? you can buy it here.

and this girl with me is Beth Quinn, and I am lucky to finally meet her in person. I also carry her lovely handmade jewelry in my shop. See the bracelets? you can get them here!