an ode to friendships....

What is it about friendships that make us cry, laugh, love, behave like babies, and make us downright silly? I know for myself, that I treasure good friendships. Why are true, meaningful friends so hard to find?

Oh, I have a lot of friends, but true friends, those that truly, and I mean truly care about me, and what goes on with even the mundane little things in life, I can count on one hand.

I've lost good friendships over silly things. I've seen friends behave like i don't even know who they really are, and wonder what is it that I first saw in them.

Who wouldn't want a true, real friendship?

I've come to know some pretty wonderful friends through this blog, and you are so inspiring, you are, and you.

Friendships. Here is to a new year of getting to know you better.

{do you love the photo's? check them out HERE, my current blog crush}


a year in review....

The year is ending. A new year beginning. I went through all my photo's and chose some of my favorites for this year end post. I'm excited to start some new photography classes in the next few weeks, with one of them being an all day photoshop class. yeah, finally will learn a little bit about that scary thing. I will have all my new products added to shop by the end of the week or early next week. I spent the day taking all the photo's.
I also just finished my boys room. Yes, the boys room. The very last room to be done, and i will post that at the end of the week. I've slowly been getting to everyone's blog, and all I have to say is "wow" to all the wonderful Holiday photo's!!! I also want to thank each and every one of you that takes the time to comment and compliment on my little blog. There are some fun changes coming in January as well, so till then.......
enjoy these photo's.

changes, changes, changes....

I've been a busy bee, trying to get photo's done to get the new products up in the next week. There is a lot to tell, and show in the next week, so keep checking back.

I cannot believe how quick this last year has come and gone. I hope everyone is back in the swing of things, and I am looking forward to catching up on everyone's blog in the next day or so.

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For the Love of these.....

I guess I will have to keep waiting. Santa didn't hear my "want" again this year. I've had a yearning, a wish, a completely materialistic "want" for over a few years now. I've wanted a vintage truck. I've even started loving the old milk delivery trucks, oh how they call my name whenever I see one. The picture of the ones above are calling out to me, and not just to me, but to little Lola as well. We could be a team, her and I, with out twin set of trucks. I see the new slogan now......."Lola B's delivers". Need some drawer pulls in a jiffy? Want some French honey, or some lavender sugar? Lola B's to the rescue, we are on our way!
How about this one above? Outfitted with our name and web? Plenty of room in the back for some lovely painted furniture.....or how about a case of bird candles?

I think this one is calling out to the hubby, but alas, he said "no thank you". I guess it'll just have to be for me then.

Yes, for the love of old trucks, and especially old milk delivery trucks. I will keep wishing, loving, admiring the material concept.


and to all a good night.....

I know well that happiness
is in little things....
-John Ruskin
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snow day....

Today just did not start out very well.
First off, I got a phone call from the school at
6 a.m. stating that school was cancelled.
Yes, cancelled due to the weather, and today
is Friday, the Friday before the kids are off
from school for 2 weeks.
2 weeks.
cancelled due to 3 inches of snow.
I lived in Colorado, I know what snow is.
3 inches is not sufficient enough to cancel school.
I told the kids to go out back and play in the 3 inches of new snow,
so they got all bundled and headed out back.
Soon after, the neighbor and her little boy came over also.
Then I heard screaming.
I rushed out back, and saw blood, lots of blood.
And broken glass.
Apparently the large glass jar that I make iced tea & lemonade in
had been outside (i'm not going to name any names), taken out by
someone and left in the freezing cold to burst and break.
It had fallen beneath the 3 inches of snow.
Little Lola tripped and fell knee first on the broken edge of glass.
Everyone back inside, and off to E.R.
5 stitches.
1 xray.
And a wonderful friend who drove to the hospital to take my
boys home to her house,
so that I could spend the next 4 hours
with Lola.
Thank you school!
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I'm tickled, honored, and just plain happy. Check this out....


Let me explain.....

Dearest husband,
before you read this and get upset,
let me tell you that I am not such a "great" customer!
Sometimes Lindsay & staff call me personally to just
come in and visit with them. Really, they do!
Why just the other day, Lindsay called me
to tell me that they were having a HUGE sale
and to drop by and see how "the display looks".
And my love, my dearest true love,
did I tell you lately how
wonderful you are?
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Are you going???

I have my ticket, do you have yours? Saturday, May 30th at Navy Pier in Chicago. You can find out more here.

It i had a product to "pitch" I would so hop on that band wagon, but alas, I don't, so I'll be there for the info part of the day. What a wonderful event to attend if you are a woman entrepreneur, or just wanting info on starting your own business. Lunch with a leader this year is Rosanna Bowles of Rosanna inc, {love her dinnerware}.

Oh, did I mention there's a Q&A session at the end of the day with wine and cheese? {that sold me right there}

Anyone else planning on going? There are a few of us "shop girls" that are meeting up after the event in the eve.......so fun.


The room that sold me my home

When we knew that we were moving to Illinois, I only had one house on my list for the realtor to show us. It was this one. Can you guess why? This room, this closet, this walk-in closet is what sold me the house. If you've been reading my blog for some time, then you can remember this post, about how I would have the closet looking good in a month. Well, it's been about 6 months, but it's just about there. All I want is a small armchair, or settee to go under the window. I believe that this room used to be called the "tandem third", since it is so large. Let me also add, that behind the wall of hanging purses, is storage, perfect for suitcases. There is also hidden storage behind all the hanging clothes {which makes for a good place to hide when playing hidenseek}.

{ wall of hats, purses, and pins}

What woman wouldn't want a walk in closet, a "real" walk in closet? Listen, it was a haven for collecting things for the last year, and it took almost 6 months to get it to my liking. Small steps to big rewards girls! It's all about taking things one step at a time.

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For the Grandma's....

{I love how Lola is looking at this kid wondering why
the heck he's smelling his hand}
So. My kiddo's spent all weekend (it seems like) at Church
singing for all 3 services. whew.
glad that's over.
They had so much fun.
Get your fix grandma's!
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