And the winner is...........

The winner is..............Mrs French!
After reading her comment of "needing to win" , it's funny that it is her "need" that was heard!
Of course, because I am truly honored that i even had 36 of you comment and actually take the time to look at my new site, that I am going to send the rest of you "runner-up" prizes!

So, when you get a minute, just email me your address (you too, Mrs French) and I will rapidly (well, after my anniversary party this weekend) send all of you, your well deserved treats!

Thanks for being a Lola B's fan!



Our one year anniversary giveaway!

In celebration on our one year anniversary, i am holding a lovely little giveaway for those of you from afar, that will not be able to make it to the soiree (next Friday and Saturday),and if you are coming ,you may also leave a comment (chances for you though, are slim:) just kidding!
In this lovely cigar box, is my favorite Black Cherry Confit from France. It is just wonderful spooned over fresh goat cheese and served with crackers. Also, another favorite, is a French inspired candle, smells like fresh cotton, a bar of Castelbel soap, one roll of vintage paper, and a french script necklace.
All of this will be lovingly wrapped in my signature Lola B's canvas market tote.

Now, in order to win, you must leave a comment and telling me that you did in fact see my new website that launched last Friday, and also what you like about it! Sorry, any negative comments will disqualify you from winning!! Just kidding!

Good luck!


I'll never be a photographer....

When i met Sara about a year ago, i had to have the camera that she used for all of her photo's. She has since traveled a long ways with her photography and can now officially call herself a "photographer".

I of course, love all aspects of taking the photo, but have not a clue when it comes to anything related to it. Depth...huh?, aperture......say that again?, contrast.......sorry?

Today, when the juvenile delinquents returned home from school, and were outside playing, I of course assume that they are doing what normal delinquents do, but alas, they were picking flowers for me..........................for me! Look at the colors the camera picked up! Crazy.

Oh, yes, I do have the latest photoshop, but when i pull it up on my screen, do you know what shouts back at me? Wine. That's what. Because i need at least 2 glasses of that before i would even think of being chalenged to tackle it.

I do know for sure, that I love my camera, and the wonderful pictures that come from it, not me.


Our one year anniversary is coming....

In two weeks from today, is our One year anniversary party. It actually starts Friday at 3 p.m., but the best is going to be on Saturday with Beth from Eliwill bringing all her fabulous jewlery, Vana from Le Papiers and her lovely stationary, and Alyssa from Revamp who has awesome drawer knobs and paper products.
The Party starts Friday at 3 with wine and appi's, and all day Saturday 10-5 with lots of mimosa's and pastries.
So, mark your calender if you haven't yet for October 3rd and 4th!
Also, Thank you so much for making my first day "online" so wonderful! I received some great feedback and i will be adding some more in the next few weeks.
Truly, without all you wonderful friends that I have met in blog land, and all my awesome customers, there would be no Lola B's, so Thank You!!!!


Have you seen it?

Have you seen it yet? Click HERE to see the new online shop. Only a fraction of what is in the actual shop is available, and we will be adding more soon.


Shop girls guide to surviving disaster.....

I just got off the phone with Kara, and we are going to write a book about "survival" of the fittest.

This is not going to be your average "survival" book, this is going to be a "shop girl" survival book.

You will find all that is necessary for setting up your market tent, outwitting the rain or snow, combating the heat and humidity, and also we will throw in some extra fun facts like what to do if your truck is broken into while at a show. (yup, happened to me).

We will also get you ready for life threatening situations, like if a hurricane comes through the area on the last day of the show. We are ALSO going to throw in for FREE, a c.d of music that you can square dance to, if you so desire that!

Yes, this book is in the making, and now we just need someone to pick it up and send it to publishing!

Now, on to something fun that is happening to my shop! My online shop is up and ready to go. Yes, it's true! My good friend Sara has been working nonstop on it while I was away, and has it ready to go.

It will be up and going Friday morning at 10 a.m Midwestern time.

I will have operators standing by for that HUGE rush to see the shop:)


Country Living Fair....day 2.

Well, Saturday we woke up to SUNSHINE! But we also woke up to the alarm clock not going off in time. We had 10 minutes to throw on our clothes and get to the fair. But we did, and opened to busy day number 2.

Crowds galore, and lines out of our tent. The first pic shows how the front of our tent looked most of the day.

Jeanne's paper goodies were flying off the shelf, and Beth's handmade vintage bracelets were being grabbed and nabbed.

We were so happy to be next to our Friends Kara & Darcy from Mcmaster and Storm. Their shop was so lovely, and also Teri & Serena from The Farm Chicks. Two pairs of Fabulous, creative women.

We did manage to finally go to dinner as a group on Saturday. The food at The Northstar Cafe was out of the world.

What an amazing venue this year was. Unfortunately, the rain on Friday dampened our spirits, but it sure didn't stop the shoppers.

I will post a few more pics in the next few day!


Where in the world is Lola B's??

Have you been wondering where Lola B's Boutique has been? No post in almost a week?

Yes, I do, sometimes actually work! I left Wednesday at 4 p.m. and arrived in Columbus, Ohio and arrived at 1 a.m. Thursday morning only to wake up at 7 to get to Ohio Village to set up for The Country Living fair.

The best part is THE RAIN!!!

Now of course, here at Lola B's, we thought we could conserve a bit of cash and just USE OUR OWN TENT! Great right?

Ugghh, not when it's NOT water proof! Yes, the tent is Water resistant, but not water proof!

We had at least $2000. in paper products that had water damage, but we pulled through and raised the bar.

We had a line of customers ALL day long, and the BEST part was..............

we were next to our shop buddies, The Farm Chicks, and Mcmaster & Storm gals.

More pics tomorrow.......................


I would like to thank the academy......

So, I was tagged twice in the last week. First from Sara at SadieOlive, and secondly from Ruth at TheBeautiful Life.

I'm really not much into being tagged, but since it is my FIRST time winning anything, let alone someone who actually thinks my blog is something special, I thought I will play along.

And really, since i'm not really FRANTICALLY busy now as i'm trying to get out the door for Ohio......hmmm.

So, i have to play this forward and nominate 7 more blogs that i think are special reads!

2. Suzanne at S.hop talk

3. Melissa at The lil bee

4. Claudia at Paris Apartment

5. Andrea at Velvet Strawberries

6. Rebekah at Little byrd

7. Julia at Hooked on Houses


Who needs some sugar?

I think i need some sugar. I literally am running around like a chicken over here as i try and get ready for things here and there.
First, the area the shop is in here in St. Charles, is having it's annual sidewalk sale this weekend. Starts tomorrow and i am crazy trying to price all the things i want to fly out the door.
Second, I leave next Wednesday for Ohio.
Just got a letter stating that presales for The Country Living Fair have outnumbered the amount of actual people that attended last year. That's just presale tickets mind you, not the people that just show up for the day.
I'm not sleeping, since I'm up at night thinking about how I'm going to arrange and set up shop, constantly going over scenario's.
And to boot, i have the shop's One year anniversary party in 4 weeks!
Thanks for listening! I can't wait to meet a bunch of you in Ohio next week!!


Welcome September...

Even though it's just the beginning of Sept., and here in Illinois, its still VERY warm, I love, love, love the Fall.
Really, who wouldn't love the slightly cooler temps, the shades of Autumn, the smells of pumpkin and cranberries?
I got this dress at Gap last weekend for Lola, and the hat is just like one I wear, so now we can dress alike.
Lola is not really a dress wearer, she's such a tomboy, but like her mom, can't pass up something so cute.
Happy September!