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Comments: Hi Kasey!Just wanted you to know that I received the package today. I sincerely love every single thing in that box!!Thank you and best wishes to you,MaryAnn
Hi Kasey,

Well it's Thursday and I'm back in the office after our whirlwind trip to St Charles and Lola B's. Only downside a speeding ticket which really wasn't my fault, but that's another story.

Absolutely love my buffet, sideboard. The color was beautiful but wasn't going to work in our home so I gave it three coats of black paint. The crystal knobs really play off the black. Not so much shabby as urban chic in the country. I even caught my husband showing it to his friend that stopped by yesterday. I'll take pictures this week-end.

Loved seeing you again and being there for your one year anniversary celebration. You have a wonderful shop and I enjoyed every minute.

Oh Congrats on one year! I see big things for your shop! Thank you so much for all for your hospitality! Your store is wonderful and dreamy and you and your friend I met are the sweetest! I'll be back again! :) Jen
I just wanted to do a small post on thankfulness! I AM truly thankful for all the wonderful girls i get to meet everyday and thru my blog. I also just wanted to make something clear from the last post. I am not closing shop, so don't worry:) I am just moving locations. Really. Truly. No lie:)
I will tell you this though........ shopping at the brick and mortar Lola B's, will be an experience, a must do, a must see.
It's all about the planning, so just stay put!
Like the pictures above? Then see what's new here !
Oh, and you like the chair huh? NOT for sale! just found that at the local flea market and it resides next to my desk...............lol


Jeanneoli said...

Need one of the new necklances with the keys...need it now:-) Might as well send it to my house right now while I am on vacation.

Alyssa said...

So happy for you and the this new adventure!

Brandie said...

That chair is gorgeous! Of course it's not for sale, just my luck;) i can't wait to see what you are planning it is sure to be devine.

Anonymous said...

Love the chair!