snow day....

Today just did not start out very well.
First off, I got a phone call from the school at
6 a.m. stating that school was cancelled.
Yes, cancelled due to the weather, and today
is Friday, the Friday before the kids are off
from school for 2 weeks.
2 weeks.
cancelled due to 3 inches of snow.
I lived in Colorado, I know what snow is.
3 inches is not sufficient enough to cancel school.
I told the kids to go out back and play in the 3 inches of new snow,
so they got all bundled and headed out back.
Soon after, the neighbor and her little boy came over also.
Then I heard screaming.
I rushed out back, and saw blood, lots of blood.
And broken glass.
Apparently the large glass jar that I make iced tea & lemonade in
had been outside (i'm not going to name any names), taken out by
someone and left in the freezing cold to burst and break.
It had fallen beneath the 3 inches of snow.
Little Lola tripped and fell knee first on the broken edge of glass.
Everyone back inside, and off to E.R.
5 stitches.
1 xray.
And a wonderful friend who drove to the hospital to take my
boys home to her house,
so that I could spend the next 4 hours
with Lola.
Thank you school!
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Kari said...

Oh poor baby Lola! I can only imagine your sheer frustration followed by chaos and empathy and tears. What a day! Total. Mom. Day.

Jeanneoli said...

Lola...milk this for all it's worth!!!!!!

paige said...

oh precious lola!!

hope the rest of your holiday is much less exciting!

i must tell you, when i first looked at the photo i thought ,look at lola playing in the snow in such a cute creamy little number , maybe from eden's bouquet--then i looked closer & realized, i think stcharles has much nicer hospital gowns than atlanta

Preppy Mama said...

Oh no! I thought I had a winner of a snow day, but you take the cake! Hope Lola is feeling better!!!

traci said...

poor lola. how scary for her and you. she looks so cute in the picture though. what a trooper. it would have been so much better if they would have just gone to school.

Leah C said...

What a rotten way to spend a snow day...poor little Lola! I hope her "boo-boo" mends quickly:) And I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.

the wild raspberry said...

feel better soon Lola

littlebyrd said...

Oh no! Wishing her a quick recovery! Even hurt and in the ER she looks like an angel.

La Table De Nana said...

Poor Lola:(

Poor Mommy..

Oh lala.. I remember those days oh so well..Now it's my grandsons..
Every bump and cold and scrape.
Take care..

She is soo cute !

meg duerksen said...

oh what a terrible way to spend the day. UGH! and if school got cancelled on our last day i would just drop them off anyway. :)

i can't tell you how cute your house is!
i just love it.

Brandie said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad Lola is okay. That darn school;) We had a snow day too but we had 8 1/2 inches. By 11am I was going nuts!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! I hope that little Lola is feeling better- I can't help but smile though at how cute she is in her picture... :)

Tara said...

What a way to spend a snowy day...sometimes the word "bummer" fits just perfectly! I hope little Lola is feeling better, perhaps the unsaid person will think twice before leaving things of glass outside! :)

Happy Holidays Kasey!


Jamie said...

What a bummer of a day. Lola looks so cute, though. I hope she heals quickly.

Sadie Olive said...

Poor little thing. She even looks lovely in her hospital gown!

Mrs.French said...

oh no...she is an adorable little patient...I hope things start looking up my dear...xo t

jen from windy ridge said...

Poor Lola!

Vana said...

goodness....that must have been one scary experience. I got the chills just reading your post. I hope all is well now. Lola looks so sweet!

Leanne said...

I'm catching up on a little blogging...

Wow! I'm sorry to hear about your little Lola! Goodness- what a day!