I have a secret.....

I really don't think i'm the only one that has a place that is totally unkept. I don't have a craft room, since my craft room is at the shop, and I have to keep the shop tidy, but I've seen plenty of craft rooms that are utterly as bad as my closet.

Yes, my secret lies in my closet. I have a wonderful large walk in closet and no matter how much I try, every week I tidy up only to find that it is once again a disaster.

I can find anything, mind you. I know where the clothes are that need to go to the dry cleaners, I know where my bathing suit hides, but really, It's a disaster.

I've been wanting to find a cute settee to put in the room, but in reality, it's just going to collect more clothes.

So, my fellow bloggers, I bid to you, that in one months time, I will have this room looking magazine sharp! I will , i promise, that one month from today, it will look Fabulous.


Can someone hold me to it?


Leah C said...

I really can relate because I have a few cabinets (& closet) that have "secrets" of their own:) Good Luck with organizing...I'll be rooting for you!

Brandie said...

Consider yourself held accountable! I will be checking back to see a gorgeous dressing room, neat and organized;)

Anonymous said...

Are we getting a picture in a month? I want proof, my friend!:)

Anonymous said...

I think your room is as bad as my closet.
I can't wait to see what it will look like though! I bet it will be just lovely.


Brenna LaPray said...

You need to have Shanna come clean it. She just organized mine and it looks fabulous!! What a sister I have!