Lola's last day...

Today was Lola's last day of Kindergarten. This is going to be hard for 2 reasons.

First, Lola is my shop helper, and she comes with me in the mornings and then I walk her up to the bus stop which is conveniently located just a block from the shop. She chic chats with the customers and is my hang out pal.

Secondly, her teacher Marti M. has become a wonderful friend, and i will miss seeing her the days I dropped Lola off at school. She is also Pregnant with her first, and I can't wait for her to discover the wonderful world of motherhood.

It's hard to believe that we have been here in Illinois almost a year.
We are headed back to Colorado for a mini vacation next week, so hope to fill you all in on the going on's when I get back!

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