Love finding new things

It's a given, that I will be at the flea market here in St. Charles the first weekend every month.
I normally am scouting good finds for you, my friends, the tossed aside, lonely, no hope for her piece of furniture. I come around a corner and see a wonderful find, buy her and then take her back to the shop for the "Lola" makeover.
She get's cleaned, primed and painted.
Yesterday, I found a piece for myself. Normally I would not spend so much, but I saw her sitting in a corner and had to have her.
Somebody at some point had every intention of re-doing this piece, since the drawers are stripped and it shows the wear under the cream paint, but I saw it and had just the place to put it. In my dining room, under a clock and loaded with my favorites (old sheet music, cigar boxes, and a bird bath filled with sea shells).
I know the pic is a little crooked, remember I live in a 100 year old house, and the floors tend to be a little uneven. OR maybe I've had one too many glasses of wine (thanks Amy)!!!!
So, with that said, I am one of those that likes to post at least once a week for those of you that need your "lola" fill.
business relations! Remember..............French Flea is this Saturday at 10 a.m.........I think you will love some of the things i've done....and also remember that I'm closed from Sunday the 11th thru Monday the 19th for a "LOLA MAKEOVER"


Anonymous said...

beautiful as always.

Anonymous said...

WHO is this AMY girl? She sounds like a blast!!!!! Love the dresser. Enjoy your new found treasure!