Pretty in pink....

I was in Cali last week and we were driving down the 101 toward Santa Barbara when BEHOLD, a pink car up ahead!

I couldn't believe my eyes, so i said to Bryan "catch up"

We did and it was just as lovely in person!

So cool.

We found this antique birdcage at a wonderful antique shop in Summerland. From the late 1800's France.

I'll tell you, if i could afford it, i would have bought it on the spot and shipped it home, but $2400 was not in my vocabulary!

I am on the lookout for a lovely antique birdcage though....

I have been wanting one and fill it with Finches for the shop. I saw this at a lovely little shop in San Luis Obispo (thanks for the idea Kimberly).

And last but not least, this wonderful piece was full of my favorites, old apothecary bottles..........


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Kasey, Glad you stopped by. Wow..you really beat me in the pink car category. "Your" car is amazing! You should join us for Pink Saturdays. It's a lot of fun. For a while I was picking up a lot of vintage birdcages for resale, then I sort of stopped. Last weekend I ran across an art deco one at the flea market and she was only asking $6.00 for it but I didn't buy it. Must have lost my mind temporarily. :)

Wendy said...

Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. I do really love Andrea's blog. I am so happy you posted too because I haven't seen your blog. I really love it. I love the birdcage. We used to have 2 yellow parakeets. They were so beautiful and yet such a pain. I had to clean an area of about 3 feet diameter on the floor everyday because of the feathers and seed shells. The kids loved them though and their names were Keyro and Amarillo which is "yellow" in Japanese and Spanish. Also, if I didn't cover them at night then they were very loud starting at about 5am.
Anyway, I love the car too. Maybe one day I will be able to get an adorable car like that. LOL For now the "able-to-do-the-job" will have to do.
Anyway, thanks again

Molly said...

Hi Kasey- Want the birdcage, want the pink cupboard, want the caned back chair peeking out in the foreground too! What a great trip. Isn't California a magnificent state? Lived here all my life and never cease to be amazed. Hope you had a great visit.

Anonymous said...

your pictures are great!
what a pretty pink birdcage, and yes, if it was in my vocab, the money would be spent quick!!!

Sandra Evertson said...

What a fabulous little shop! Love the birdcage! And that car, fabulous, looks like candy!
Sandra Evertson

vintage paper bella ~ andrea said...

love that car! I need one of those!