Dinner in the Midwest....

Who doesn't love to sit outside, on a lovely evening, in a beautiful garden setting? The wine is chilled, the table set, the candles burning.
Now add the mosquito's, the large bugs, the little bugs, and the bugs in between!
Hence, the best invention ever made......
the mosquito net!
It even adds a sweet ambiance to the setting, don't you think?
On a second note, I cannot believe that The Country Living Show is only 6 weeks away!
I have SO much work to do to get ready! Last year I signed up to do the show a mere 6 weeks ahead of time, and showed up at the show, sold out of everything, but was NOT prepared. Little did I know what i was getting myself into. The show is huge, and this year, we are going to be prepared, and the whole shop is coming to Ohio!
I also haven't decided if the shop is going to close or not that weekend, but i will let you know.
I'm also SO excited because I get to have an evening with some special ladies. Some of the girls that I got to meet last year, Mcmaster and Storm gals , The Farm Chick gals, as well as a few talented friends that have Etsy shops are getting together for a "shop gal" dinner.......yippee. Oh, I do hope you'll join us Sara!


Anonymous said...

I'd love to come, I promiose to try to make it! :)

Leah C said...

The garden setting looks just beautiful! Shoo, fly:)

McMaster & Storm said...

How funny, before I checked your blog I just wrote about the countdown to the fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Darcy and I were discussing what needs to happen between August 1st and the fair. OH My! I didn't write about the dinner yet... actually, it was because I was too lazy and am ready to go to bed.{being honest}
I'm tired it was a crazy day at the shop. Have a good week, we'll be in touch.

Bethie said...

I think that netting is so cute, and invaluable in the midwest...bugs galore! I'm so excited about the Country Living Fair, and seeing what you put together. I know it will be cute as ever!

Joy Zaczyk said...

Dinner in the midwest looks fabulous! I just love that mosquito netting!


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

What a wonderful idea !! I love putting the mosquito net on an umbrella ~ too cute !

The Beidle Family said...

Love the ambiance but can pass on the bugs!! Good thing you have a net!! Just spend some time going through your blog. You have done a beautiful job. I love shabby chic, the old and the new. Your store looks so nice. Hope you are enjoying yourself. Keep taking pictures and posting!! I did not know you were into photography...that is awesome. If you happen to come to CO we should try to get together. Thanks for taking the time to post on our web page.
Talk to you soon ~ Jen