Meet our new "pet"

This is our new "pet", and his name is Sherman. I was in the backyard cutting some flowers yesterday, and out falls Sherman. Of course, the kids cried out in unison "can we keep him????"

These are the flowers, that Sherman had inhabited before he made his journey into our home.
Welcome home Sherman......


Anonymous said...

Too funny! At least yours is a catapillar, my kids wanted to keep the worms they found after the last rain storm!
Lisa (from cali)
p.s. love reading your blog!

McMaster & Storm said...

Enjoy your weekend!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Kasey, Glad you had a wonderful time on your trip. I was at my Mom's today. She has a big pot full of all kinds different herbs and on the parsley were all these gorgeous caterpillars, just eating away....only on the parsley though. The caterpillars were brilliant green, white and black stripes. I would love to have known what kind of butterfly or moth they would have turned into.