New finds.....

sparrow candles
bird earings from Eliwill designs
lots and lots of Eliwill's jewlery!
These awesome "No soliciting" signs for your front door
I just LOVE farmtables!

I wanted to show you what's in the boutique that's new this week. It's all been piling up in stacks and stacks since I've been away. I have 4 new (old) farm tables that I found before my trip to Colorado, and am anxious to start setting up and getting displays ready for The Country Living Fair in Sept!

Two of my favorite friends and also vendors at my shop will be setting up with me this year. Jeanne and Jen who both also started Etsy shops in the last few months (they are the ones that make the plaques, journals, frames, and letters) that you see in the shop. I'm also excited because another friend offered to come for the ride down and help set up.

It's going to be FAB! The show is 3 months away, which is really not that far off considering all the prep work that goes in to a show like this.

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Leah C said...

Love the pretty finds! Good Luck with the "show":)