Country Living Fair....day 2.

Well, Saturday we woke up to SUNSHINE! But we also woke up to the alarm clock not going off in time. We had 10 minutes to throw on our clothes and get to the fair. But we did, and opened to busy day number 2.

Crowds galore, and lines out of our tent. The first pic shows how the front of our tent looked most of the day.

Jeanne's paper goodies were flying off the shelf, and Beth's handmade vintage bracelets were being grabbed and nabbed.

We were so happy to be next to our Friends Kara & Darcy from Mcmaster and Storm. Their shop was so lovely, and also Teri & Serena from The Farm Chicks. Two pairs of Fabulous, creative women.

We did manage to finally go to dinner as a group on Saturday. The food at The Northstar Cafe was out of the world.

What an amazing venue this year was. Unfortunately, the rain on Friday dampened our spirits, but it sure didn't stop the shoppers.

I will post a few more pics in the next few day!


vana chupp said...

oh wow looks like you had fun:)
I can't wait until your big event in October

Brandie said...

That's wonderful the success that you had! I am beyond bummed that I could'nt make it out this year. You should see my list of must visits for next year. I'll be a traveling fool;) Can't wait to see more pics!

b.ellen said...

It was our pleasure to stop by your booth.Everything was displayed beautifully.{loved the old rake} Your booth was one of our favorites. I would love to come to your brick & motar shop someday.
blessings Barbara

Teresa Sheeley said...

How cool Kasey! :) My dream is to be a vendor at the fair someday. I hope you had a spectacular time. :) And gosh, I am so sorry about the rain and your paper products. But it looks like everything turned out great, with those big lines. How exciting!


Serena said...

Okay, please do tell....did you get the window fixed Monday morning?! I thought of you so much, knowing the whole city was without power - which meant window shop probably closed?! Did you get the lid we left at your door?

Anonymous said...

I think your tent space was the best one at the fair. It was beautiful, and you did a wonderful job with the display. I love all the goodies i bought, and can't wait to burn my bird candle.

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

I'm so sad I didn't get to go. It looks like a ton of fun.

nathalie said...

ohh my a line! how awesome! i'm so glad you had sucess in the show. your booth had too many great things and i'm glad it was too far for me to attend. i would buy too many things!!! i will stop by the shop!

Anonymous said...

Wish I was there with you all! I'm so glad you had fun!

Teri said...

Great to see you and thanks again for sending the square dancers my way!