Lovely friends and just because..

Today is a great day.....

and you are in for a special treat. Actually....four days of treats!

Today is day one.

First....let me introduce you to my friend Jacki in the photo above....

she's sitting with her daughter Selah and i just happened to love the way

they were LOVING on each other when i stopped by for a visit.

I happened to have my camera with me and this was a total impromptu

photo and i did NOT ASK permission to use it.

{I'll make it up to you Jacki...pinky promise}


I've been wanting to do something fun for a while now...to thank you girls for

taking the time to stop by and read my little thoughts here on this blog.

You know i have a passion for photography....

i just don't want to take it to the next level.

I have the most fun with grabbing images of my kids....

my kids friends and the small things i see with my eyes.

This photo above is baby Devin.
{i also didn't ask Devins permission either...}

She is my neighbor baby.....the one who when my ovaries are kicking in...

all i have to do is go next door to hold her.

To get my baby fix.

Then i hand her back.

And lastly....

the girl who rocks Fin's boat.

This girl is competing BIG time for his heart...

and i have to say...i think she won him over;-)


now for the fun....


Adobe photoshop Elements 8.

You can edit your photos galore with photoshop....

making your own fabulous memories.

Just leave a comment ...comments close tomorrow {april 30th} at midnight.

Then make sure to check back on Saturday for day 2 {and the winner}.

{p.s. i did and have not forgotten about the name giveaway....don't worry;-)}



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Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Would love to win (not sure about time difference here in Australia though!) hope I'm not too late.

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