Read all about it..................

The French Flea is scheduled for Saturday, May 10th at 10 a.m.!!
We hope to see you!
Also, we will be closed for Mothers Day on May 11th, so that I can spend a lovely day with my family, and my employees will be spending it with theirs.
One last note, we will be CLOSED for ONE week starting on May 11th, for a spring re-vamp!
The shop will be open for The French Flea at 10-6 on Saturday the 10th and then we won't re-open till Tuesday, May 20th.
Thanks again to all of you lovely friends who make my petite shop flourish!!


Spring is finally here!

So much has been going on lately, and so much to tell!

First, the exciting part......

My 2 really good friends (and also lovely vendors at my shop) are going to come with me for the Country Living Fair in September.

We have been talking and the more we talk, the more we get excited! This show is going to be FAB! We can't wait to show you! So mark your calendars for Sept 12th, 13th , and 14th in Columbus Ohio.

Secondly, I've been going back and forth about a second French Flea, and right now, I've decided to do one more on May 10th.

So mark your calendars again for Saturday, May 10th....10 a.m.

If you get a chance, check out my updated website http://www.lolabboutique.com/

my new friend Sara from Sadie Olive is one very talented woman. She revamped my site, and very slowly will i start taking some pic's to load onto my site so you can start shopping via online if you can't make it to the shop. I only plan on having a small amount to buy online, since i get so frustrated when I shop online and it takes DAYS to get thru some of the shops.

Lola B's Boutique, "a petite treat" is what one customer told me.


A weekend of new friends and fun

I want to start off saying a BIG thank you to all of you (150 +) that turned out this weekend for The French Flea!!!
I met some new friends like Lauren who came from Chicago, and Laura who came from Rockford.
There were a handful of you peeking in the windows starting at 9:30 Saturday morning and I thank you for being so patient in the freezing cold!

I am TRULY blessed to have such a wonderful growing list of customers like yourselves, who make a "word of mouth" shop like mine grow!

Alot of you asked if I would be keeping the side of the house where The French Flea was open all the time, and there were some of you that wanted to know if it was going to be a monthly event?
This is where I would love your input on what I should do. Since I sold most of the furniture, I obviously need a few weeks to stock back up, but I would love to hear from you, if you would like to see if a monthly event, or a daily shopping experience?

So log into the comments section, and give me your input!

And thank you Amy, for those AWESOME cupcakes!!!


Real Pictures from a real camera...

All right, so my friend Amy brought me a "real" camera today, so at least I could get some pics of "The Flea" up!!!


Nothing like a sneak peek!

Since I promised a tiny sneak peek, i took some photo's today to show you.
I have been working non stop to get it just perfect! Now, let me tell you that there will be fab more pictures to come, but my lovely 7 year old decided to see if my digital camera works underwater! Nope, it did not! So here I am taking more pics with my phone.
So, here is your tiny sneak peek! Hope you see you Saturday.......


Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler

Of Course, I have never been to France, I have never been near France , and don't speak or understand the French Language.

My Friend Jeanne and I have been throwing the idea around, about POSSIBLY, maybe, one day actually traveling there.......maybe one day....hmm.

But, since that day is not anywhere in the immediate future, at least coming to "The French Flea" on April 12th, might seem like a better idea.

Now for those of you who expect to show up next Saturday and actually think that you will be walking into a French shop, don't!

What you are coming to is part of Lola B's who thinks she has a french side.

I'm excited to have you taste cupcakes from
"Petit Gateaux".
Now, since I don't speak French or understand French, I had to look this one up......! It means "Little Cakes".
These "Little Cakes" are wonderfully made by one of my customers and she will be selling them ONLY at Lola B's!

Another must have at The French Flea, is some of these wonderful honey's and salts from France!

I will be posting a few more pics in the next few days.........

"Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler"