Dinner in the Midwest....

Who doesn't love to sit outside, on a lovely evening, in a beautiful garden setting? The wine is chilled, the table set, the candles burning.
Now add the mosquito's, the large bugs, the little bugs, and the bugs in between!
Hence, the best invention ever made......
the mosquito net!
It even adds a sweet ambiance to the setting, don't you think?
On a second note, I cannot believe that The Country Living Show is only 6 weeks away!
I have SO much work to do to get ready! Last year I signed up to do the show a mere 6 weeks ahead of time, and showed up at the show, sold out of everything, but was NOT prepared. Little did I know what i was getting myself into. The show is huge, and this year, we are going to be prepared, and the whole shop is coming to Ohio!
I also haven't decided if the shop is going to close or not that weekend, but i will let you know.
I'm also SO excited because I get to have an evening with some special ladies. Some of the girls that I got to meet last year, Mcmaster and Storm gals , The Farm Chick gals, as well as a few talented friends that have Etsy shops are getting together for a "shop gal" dinner.......yippee. Oh, I do hope you'll join us Sara!


A little gossip!

I just love a little gossip, don't you?
First, don't you just love altered art? Well, i have to say congrats to my friend Molly at Mixing Whimsy, she was contacted by Somerset about her lovely bottles, so I hope everything works out for her, nothing like a little free press!
Second, you just have to read, if you haven't yet, what Andrea from Velvet Strawberries wrote earlier in the week about ideas, and it is SO true! Everyone has a place in this "retail, craft,blogging" world, lets just not steal ideas and copy them as their own!
And lastly, I wanted to get my friends a little attention, as they just landed into blog land!
My friend Beth, who has a shop in my old stomping grounds of Colorado, and my Friend Jeanne, who has an Etsy shop (and is truly one of the most talented girls EVER). I carry almost everything that Jeanne makes in my shop!
My friend Sara, from Sadieolive designed both their blogs, and they turned out just LOVELY!
Anyways, enough GOSSIP for now!


You are invited to my garden party....

Don't you just love a garden party? I do, and if you are around just pop on over, as we would have some fun.... But it you don't live around here, then feel free to create one yourself. First, you need a lovely old table from a flea market. I just love my iron table for four.
Then place a super sweet table cloth on it. I got mine at Anthro on clearance just the other day. Such a perfect fit.
In my garden, we have fresh basil and dill, along with some heirloom tomatoes. I just love a fresh tomato salad. Mix some fresh heirloom tomatoes, basil, lot of fresh mozzarella, a bit of dill and e.v.o.o. (extra virgin olive oil), then season with salt n pepper.. yum!

A garden party in an instant! So, if you are around, then pop on over, and if not, hope yours is just as lovely on a summer day in your backyard.


Meet the new shop girls!

I've always wanted finches in my shop ever since i saw this at one of my favorite shops 2 years ago in San Luis Obispo, Ca.
So far the "girls" seem to be a hit with the customers, they get to chit chat and mingle, making the customers feel at home.

So, next time you stop in, make sure you say "hello" to the new shop girls, and they'll tell you all about their day!


Lovely little project...............

First, i found a wonderful birdcage holder a while back at a local yard sale. I put the birdcage aside, since i love to collect them. Then, i sprayed it white (who would have known?)...
I also found an old lampshade minus the shade part and attached it to the birdcage with a hook.
This is where you can be creative! I needed a way to hang my necklaces and bracelets in a way that made it easy for me to see all of them, and also made them look like art.
Final view of the whole piece. It is going to go in the "closet project" that i am currently working on:)
You can use a vintage lampshade without the shade for any number of things. I have another one, only larger that i have hanging over my desk and from it hangs bits and pieces of things that inspire me.

And an old birdcage holder, oh my the thoughts are endless on that one........................


Pretty in pink....

I was in Cali last week and we were driving down the 101 toward Santa Barbara when BEHOLD, a pink car up ahead!

I couldn't believe my eyes, so i said to Bryan "catch up"

We did and it was just as lovely in person!

So cool.

We found this antique birdcage at a wonderful antique shop in Summerland. From the late 1800's France.

I'll tell you, if i could afford it, i would have bought it on the spot and shipped it home, but $2400 was not in my vocabulary!

I am on the lookout for a lovely antique birdcage though....

I have been wanting one and fill it with Finches for the shop. I saw this at a lovely little shop in San Luis Obispo (thanks for the idea Kimberly).

And last but not least, this wonderful piece was full of my favorites, old apothecary bottles..........


What's new???

Key pendant
crown pendant
french script on back

Well, i just got back into town this morning, and have been dying to get to my computer to post!

I had all intentions of taking my laptop with me on my Holiday to California, but as I was about to walk out the door last Saturday, i decided last minute to leave it. What a good idea that was, since it truly was a lovely week off!

I have so much to share, but I will start off slowly.

My friend Lola (so funny, but i have to have "Lola" inspired item in the shop) designed these new pendants just for Lola B's! I love them, she did a fantastic job, and they are so pretty in person..


A day in the life.....

Oh my! This has been the scene in front of my shop for the last few days, as the workers tear up the area between the sidewalk and the street. Luckily, they left me a teeny tiny area for my customers to SQUEEZE thru!
Lola turns 6
and who doesn't love a homemade cake

with piped floral frosting?? If I had time, then

yes, it would be homemade, but alas, Costco to

the rescue!

This is my little guy Fin on the left, with his buds

Connor and Tyler.

...and of course the adults.....


In other news, I am headed off to the lovely state of California on Saturday for some much needed R&R. My hubby and I are heading to San Simeon for a whole week where my parents have a house on the beach. (thanks mom and dad!)

We will be doing some wine tasting, some shopping in the lovely town of San Luis Obispo, some relaxing and ........


A window for Lola....

Everyone knows how i love taking an old window and
putting vintage sheet music, or vintage ephemera of any
kind, adding some Paris post cards, or my favorite, birds
and nest cards.

I happened across some vintage sheet music with the

title "Lolita", so once i found that, i knew a "Lola"

window was in the works.

I think this little blondie happens to resemble my Lola,

and then i stamped her name and birth date in vintage

market stamps that i sell here at the shop.

Last but not least, added a vintage scrabble letter, and a pearl

letter, with some vintage papers. And of course, a green bird hook

to hang one of her lovely dresses from.

Lola's birthday is this Saturday, though we are celebrating it tomorrow evening with all of her new friends. I think this will make a lovely birthday present!