my other home.....

o.k., so i don't really have another home, but if i did, this is what it would look like.

I have fallen deeply, for this palette. This is designer Shannon Bowers home in Dallas, Texas and is done in Swedish creams and greys, and you can see her feature in Veranda magazine.

This nursery actually got me thinking i need another baby. The taste is so simple, yet defined.

oh, alright, i only thought for a teeeeny tiiiiny second.. about another baby.

The sofa and armchair above is the look i am striving for. I even have my eye on something very similar.....just waiting for the tax man to arrive with my cold hard cashola. The best part is, that it's slip covered. I think people cringe when they hear about going with a white or cream sofa and children. I have children. I have 3 children. The keyword is.... slip covered. It's doable, i promise.

That is why i can do white painted furniture, because if one of the kids spills or draws on a table, it is so easily re-painted....{what am i talking about, they don't even have crayons or markers....and now that i think about it......they don't drink...so I guess i'm safe}.

I would love to have a clock like the one above. Actually...I would love to have the whole room. Do you think "rooms to go" has a set like this?

Thanks for listening to me swoon all over this post, so glad i have a place to vent!

OH!!! And.......I only have 10 more posts till the big 200th post party. This is going to be HUGE!


and the 5 C.D's go to:

Ashley @ domestic fashionista


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Gabrielle just a girl.

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Spring break...

I guess i'll be "swingin' it" with the kids this week.....

Happy Monday to you all.......

{I'll have the 5 c.d.'s chosen by the next post}



songs that inspire...

It's done! I just finished loading up a bunch of C.D.'s with my playlist, and have them all ready to go.
Now you can pop them in your car while you drive, or put it in your player and listen while you clean {paige}, or just listen to it just because.
I'll be putting them in all orders over $25.
And I have 5 that I will be giving away. So just leave me a comment that you would want one, and I'll pick 5 names in the next few days.
Have a great weekend my friends.....


fashion friday...early edition

Hello. My name is Kasey and I love fashion. This is me. I'm standing in front of my garage, and as i stand here, i am realizing that the paint is peeling a bit. I guess i need to touch it up , and you probably wouldn't have noticed if i didn't say anything.

I decided I am going for a ride today...........last minute.

I'm going for a ride on our scooter, the metro. She's an inexpensive version of the Vespa.

I love this thing. She can hit about 45, and normally the hubby rides her to the train station starting in the spring.

Not today.....I get her.

And don't worry about the children, I tied them to a tree, so that I could get these pictures done.

The weather is just perfect. Do you see the green?

No snow in sight, and the grass is getting greener every day. Today is was 50 degrees, and I am excited. Something happened today {and nothing like this has ever happened}, and I can't tell you what yet, but it's going to be good.

Did you also realize that I'm almost at my 200th post? So, I see a party in the works, a big ole party.

Possibly a garden party?


I better go undo the children..........

*capri's and jacket...anthro 09'
*shoes.......target {and only wearable if you are NOT walking in them}
*helmet......local bike shop
{and i do believe Tara is doing a fashion friday as well.....}


I have to give it to Margaret Cloud , who said it best...... Cottage.....cheese.

I mean really, lots of white.............lots of muted tone on tones....................and plenty of cottage...........

all cottaged up together, then you get the cheese. Love it.

But really.

What really defines me? My style? My look? I loved everybody's responses!


Romantic.....*double sigh*

Bohemian ........*makes me want to take a hike *

Nautural......*taking a hike while eating granola*

Victorian..............*makes me want to paint*

French Farmhouse.......*makes me want to move to the country and start baking my own bread*


Vintage Chic.........*triple sigh*

But really popped into my mind was *AnthropoloChic*

Is this a word yet?

If not, it's all mine.




Could you live in one of these??

When we knew we were moving from Colorado to Illinois 2 years ago, I immediately jumped onto the Historic Properties web site to peruse around. I knew what I wanted....an old charming home. I was willing to forgo a finished basement for crown molding, an eat-in kitchen for french doors in the dining room, a master bathroom for hardwood floors. But this is me, and I told my hubby that I would be willing to sacrifice the "extra room" for a charming, small 3 bedroom home.

I found it immediately, and completely fell in love at first site.

My home hit 100 years old this year, and even though we are cramped in this home, I love it more every day. This home sits on half an acre, has extensive gardens in the back, and is blocks from charming downtown.

I decided to head back to this website and show you what all I found today.... This historic queen Anne is in Historic Greenville, ohio and dates 1902, is $579,000 and is a whopping 5700sf.

This home above is in Norway, Maine ...it dates from 1894, and is just my style. Living quarters are upstairs with a retail space downstairs.

And, right in my price range of $149,000 with 2100sf.

oh, and be still my beating heart! This home above is in Redlands, Calif and was built in 1902, has a wrap around porch and is listed for $589,000 with 2771 sf.

And this Victorian Queen Anne above sits in Sac City, Iowa......it was built in 1893, is listed for $269,000 and is 5500sf! Are you kidding me? 55oo sf......

and last but not least, this home is in Mound City, Illinois. Built in 1913, is used as a B&B right now, sits on over 2 acres, is listed for $329,000 and is 4379 sf!

Did you see one that stops you in your tracks?
Please do tell me, what is your "style" dream home?


defining a style....

I thought we could have some fun today and get your creative juices flowing. Most of you have seen most of the pics of my home. I've shown you the boys room, Lola's room, the master, and etc. etc. The pic above is from the sitting room in my master. What you are going to see in the next pictures are from my dining and living room. These are the two rooms we live in, really. ....

Anyways, this is where I thought you could have some fun. I need help in defining my style. I tend to call my style "cottage", but I would love to hear what you come up with. Take a look at the photo's, feel free to look at some of my back posts on rooms here, and here.

And.....if you even think of calling it "shabby chic" , you will automatically be disqualified! {seriously}.

So come on in..... and let's see what you come up with!!!
{there might even be a prize...}


simple pleasures.....

Sorry girls, my hands are all tied up today......
snuggling all day with baby Wren.
Wren's sitter is sick, and I've been called
to duty.
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Stop the press!

The new peeptoes are out.....

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, I know I did.



because i care....

...I'm just checking in to say that i care. One of my very first readers of my blog, Leah, who has been with me since almost day 1, lost her mother to cancer a few days ago, and I know how I would feel if I lost my mother. Here is her blog... Family Matters, so if you get a minute, stop by, because in this little world we have, every little comment counts.


ten little toes in my new sheets...

I'm behind.
I'm drained.
I'm signing off for a bit.
Enjoy your weekend my friends....



me described....

This is me, in a nutshell.

Lola b. my favorite name ever, and in which my little girl is named and aptly...my shop.

Would love to sail one day, er.. actually...my hubby sailing and moi sitting in a bikini drinking a cocktail.

...if the bootcamp classes ever pay off.

My love of clothes.

The Love of style.

Vintage feed sacks.



Photography. my way.

Vintage sheet music.

Music. Oh, how I love music.

are you listening to the 2 new songs?

{Do you really want me to put my playlist on a c.d. for you}?

Tickled that there are actually requests...

So, that is in a nutshell, me.

Feel free to do the same by doing your own post by doing a "me described" and just use Picnik and get a collage going.

I'd love to see it!




I was going to wait till fashion friday to show a few of these things, but as we girls know, somethings just cannot wait.
I am LOVING these shoes, and dang it if my new found shopping love, doesn't have them in my size! Seriously! ....and ....don't fall off your chair...........they are only $32.99!!!! GET OUT! So, Mai....{lovely owner of Ruche....please send me a pair of size 8.5 when they come back in stock}!!!

So, yes.....these shoes can be found at Ruche, my new fav online boutique. Check out this dress also....

What's a girl to do?? I love the dress paired with those shoes.

....and I'm loving my new lamp shade! I had this lamp base with the most horrid shade ever, and guess where I found the shade? Target {thanks for the heads up Amy!}

I love the creams, grey's and a hint of yellow with my new favorite....little butterfly's. love. love. love.

...and how could i not post this pic {hope you don't get upset Shannon}, but this lovely girl asked me to take some Prego pics of her and her darling family yesterday, and not only was the photo shoot a ton of fun, but my little guy Fin now has a new "bud".

....and because Fin has a new bud, I can now receive my "mom of the year award".

Here is my Wednesday roundup girls, the things I am completely Smitten with!



one girls guide to a "green" lifestyle.....

and you thought I was going to be discussing being "green". ....

Ha. Ha.

My hubby now considers me a "dork" for getting us all decked out in green for a pic, but I swear, we did go to a party where it would have been rude to show up and not have green on.
{girlfriends.....the skirt is from Old Navy, the button sweater is from Anthro 08'}


my "mother of the year" award is being held till I tell everyone that my baby turned 4 years old 2 weeks ago.

How could I have forgotten to do a post on this.....seriously.

Have a great "green" day. I know I will.



a girls guide to love....

What you see above are love letters. I have them bound and wrapped, tied and kept in a little bundle, and my little Lola came across them the other day as we were going through boxes. They were all written by this boy...

I met this boy, when we were oh so young. I had just turned 20, he was 23 and fresh out of university and in the lovely little town of Vail, Colorado on his first night in town. He begs to differ. He claims it was not his first night, but what difference does it make.......I was the "fresh catch of the day" , and he was the "hook, line and sinker".

He was in Vail for the "season" to ski, have some fun, and little did he know, to fall in love.

At the end of the ski season, just like he promised he would, he left. He did send me postcards over the summer, and then summer turned into Fall, and then Winter began all over.

The boy came back to Vail that winter.

We married young, me a mere 23, him a mere 26.

One of the hardest truths in marrying this young is we had to grow together, and not knowing what life is or would ever be like without each other.

I truly love this boy. I know he truly loves me.

We fight. Who doesn't?
He grew up with a stay at home mom, I grew up with a career mom.
He wants me to be a stay at home mom, I struggle with being a stay at home mom.
I'm lucky. I get the best of both worlds, I get to "run my business at home, while still
balancing raising my kids".
We fit.
We balance.

We Love.
I'm the dreamer, he's the realist.
He lives for the future, I live in the moment.

This is the boy I married.