life on the farm....

O.k., we don't really live on the farm, but close enough! I took the kids over to this preserve yesterday to take some pics, and we also went with some family friends because they asked me to take some family photo's of them. When i mentioned that i had a great camera but really wished i could learn to "photoshop", my friend Sharon told me they just purchased a "Mac" computer and any "dummy" could edit the photo's with their super easy process that only "Mac's" have.
Well, me being the "dummy", and having access to her computer sounded just too good to be true.

Of course, i still have a lot to learn and figure out, but I was Ecstatic, I tell you, to be able to add just a little bit of and antique look to some of the photo's.
So, there you go, more pics of my kiddo's, and life on the farm.
Off to Cali tomorrow for the weekend...........


Do not disturb...............

Welcome. This is Lola's room...

Here you have a sneak peek into Lola's room. Did i ever mention in my previous posts, that the house we live in is just about 100 years old? When we moved here 16 mo ago from Colorado, i told my hubby that i wanted old and quaint. Well, it's that for sure and a bit more.
Original hardwood floors throughout the entire house, base molding that is 16" and crown molding in every room.
And of course, there is always a downfall to old houses as well. 2 very small bathrooms, but they each have a pedestal sink and tub. Charming for sure, but no his and her sink, no whirlpool tub. The closets are minimal, except for ours in the master. Our closet used to be the "tandem" third bedroom upstairs, but now is my dream of a walk in closet (more pics later on that, as i am still in re-do mode).
I hope you enjoyed seeing Lola's room!
{update.... for those of you that are asking about the framed letters above her bed, those are made of old molding turned frame, and then just the letter printed out via computer in the font of your choice. I loved using a different font for each letter.} k-


while they last....

I have 12 of these petite blue drawer pulls. the flower measures an inch. $ 12.95 for the bunch.
shipping extra. SOLD!
I have 2 of these feminine tool kits left in the shop. They come in this adorable black and white bag. You get hammer, tape measure, knife cutter, wrench, scissors, and a screwdriver (Phillips and a flat).
Was $68, and now $22. you pay the shipping. just email me kasey@lolabboutique.com
ALL GONE...........................till next time...


the good, the bad, and the ugly....

(and i am not responsible for what my 7 year old wears to bed)


forgot to read sign.......




Holiday fun at my house!

Yesterday I had an appt. at a customers home, to "evaluate" her dining room. She wants all of her furniture painted, and because that is what i do on the "side", I spent an hour at her lovely home and we discussed what I could provide for her.

Then we started to talk about how disappointed my customers are about me not being open for the Holidays, since i am closing at my current location Nov 15th. So, that leaves the busiest of the Holiday season with only an "online" shop, and my local customers don't really want to spend it online, when they could just "pop" in to Lola B's for a quick gift, and we all know about "The great customer service"!

Maisy suggested that i have a "Holiday Open House" at my home, fill it with all the wonderful things that Lola B's has, plus a bunch of new items, have some light refreshments and then I could also talk about the "New and eagerly anticipated" Lola B's Boutique!

I thought that was a LOVELY plan!

So Mark your calendar for Friday December 5th from 10a-8p.

Email me at Kasey@lolabboutique.com , and let me know if you would like to be added to the Invite list, and then I will send you the invite with my home address on it! Feel free to bring a friend or few, stop by while the kids are at school, or after hubby gets home.


Happy for what we have....

How many of us know of a house that looks like this? It may not be in our neighborhood, but we've seen it and wonder "who" could live like that? Are they happy? Are they working?

Then you wonder if they had the chance, would they love to have a house like

This! And then you wonder if the people that live in this house are happy with it, and do they "really" want a house like....
This! Now, of couse we assume that the people living here MUST be happy and content with what they have! How could they NOT be happy? Or do they want a house like.....
This? This is what we strive for, what people want right? The grand house, the "image" of it must
be perfect inside? Am I wrong?
Then there is this family, who's homeless, living out of their car. And do you know what they want? All that they want? All they want is something like
(all photo's courtesy of Flickr)


New in shop

I'm adding some new things in shop this week, here is just a sampling, so make sure you check back. I'm also getting orders out today for those of you that ordered in the last 5 days! I would love feedback, if you get a minute! If you received a package, please let me know what you think, good or bad, that's how i can figure out if what i'm doing is working or not!


Noteworthy news from Lola B's

Noteworthy news from Lola B's.
My friends Teri and Serena from The Farm Chicks now have a blog up and going, so when you get a chance, head over and say "hello", I'm sure they would love to have you visit!

Also, if you have not heard, this is was a punch for me: Nancy Soriano who is Senior Editor at my FAVORITE magazine, stepped down a few weeks ago to pursue other interests. I currently don't know who is taking the position, but I will be sad to see her go, though knowing that she has been with the magazine for so long and when you have to make a change, then you have to make a change.

She took the magazine from a dowdy "country" feel to a hip, urban, fun feel! I hear all the time how people "think" a magazine with a name like 'Country Living' should be, but in reality, it's such a breath of fresh air, and I always look forward to my next issue!

and.................I just want to say "thank you" again for all the emails i am getting about "shop" news of moving. My sale at the shop starts today, and will go for one month. It truly will be an experience at the new location!

I leave for Cali in 2 weeks for Heather Bullards " A Parisian Holiday", I'll get to finally meet Sara, who does so much for me, and Beth Quinn, she who is so talented! It'll be a whirlwind trip of only one night (b-day present), but so exciting as i get to meet up for coffee with some blog friends, and lunch with others.


I heart payday.....

Well, just wanted to show you the outfit i am putting together!

I Truly LOVE, these boots, i just bought! I got home from my purchase, and found that my "friend" at Anthro actually put a job application in my bag. I guess she thinks i need the 40% off.


Super Sweet Moving Sale....

Apparently "word" got out that i am moving the shop (thank you nameless from around the corner).
Nothing like starting a sale early, don't you think??
So, here is the info:
Starts this Friday when shop opens at 10.
Runs till i "really" decide to move.
Everything in shop is 25% off (only in house, not online)
Everything except Furniture, but if there is something you are dying to have, then talk with me, but prices are good, and if it doesn't sell, then to the "new" location it goes.
HINT: Normal shop hours still going on, but if you have your eve on something, you better come in and get it, once it's gone, it's gone, and you won't see it till the shop re-opens at it's new location.
Shop hours:
T&Th 10-3
Fri 10-5
Sat 10-5


out and about

Just spending a wonderful day at the Morton Arboretum. Lola had on her new outfit from Eden's Bouquet, so thanks Jen!
Hope everyone is enjoying the color out there right now!!


life is a journey.....

Comments: Hi Kasey!Just wanted you to know that I received the package today. I sincerely love every single thing in that box!!Thank you and best wishes to you,MaryAnn
Hi Kasey,

Well it's Thursday and I'm back in the office after our whirlwind trip to St Charles and Lola B's. Only downside a speeding ticket which really wasn't my fault, but that's another story.

Absolutely love my buffet, sideboard. The color was beautiful but wasn't going to work in our home so I gave it three coats of black paint. The crystal knobs really play off the black. Not so much shabby as urban chic in the country. I even caught my husband showing it to his friend that stopped by yesterday. I'll take pictures this week-end.

Loved seeing you again and being there for your one year anniversary celebration. You have a wonderful shop and I enjoyed every minute.

Oh Congrats on one year! I see big things for your shop! Thank you so much for all for your hospitality! Your store is wonderful and dreamy and you and your friend I met are the sweetest! I'll be back again! :) Jen
I just wanted to do a small post on thankfulness! I AM truly thankful for all the wonderful girls i get to meet everyday and thru my blog. I also just wanted to make something clear from the last post. I am not closing shop, so don't worry:) I am just moving locations. Really. Truly. No lie:)
I will tell you this though........ shopping at the brick and mortar Lola B's, will be an experience, a must do, a must see.
It's all about the planning, so just stay put!
Like the pictures above? Then see what's new here !
Oh, and you like the chair huh? NOT for sale! just found that at the local flea market and it resides next to my desk...............lol