Some shop shots......

I had Sara design a new postcard for the shop and she used a photo like this one right above. I love these pendants that Lola from The Lola Collection makes for me. How can I not have a Lola making lovely french inspired jewelry for "Lola B's"?


I have a secret.....

I really don't think i'm the only one that has a place that is totally unkept. I don't have a craft room, since my craft room is at the shop, and I have to keep the shop tidy, but I've seen plenty of craft rooms that are utterly as bad as my closet.

Yes, my secret lies in my closet. I have a wonderful large walk in closet and no matter how much I try, every week I tidy up only to find that it is once again a disaster.

I can find anything, mind you. I know where the clothes are that need to go to the dry cleaners, I know where my bathing suit hides, but really, It's a disaster.

I've been wanting to find a cute settee to put in the room, but in reality, it's just going to collect more clothes.

So, my fellow bloggers, I bid to you, that in one months time, I will have this room looking magazine sharp! I will , i promise, that one month from today, it will look Fabulous.


Can someone hold me to it?


Tea time, with a little salt n pepper.....

If it weren't for Anthropologie, then I wouldn't have such fun in my kitchen. Actually, if it weren't for Anthropologie, then I wouldn't have such fun clothes!
One of my really good customers (isn't it funny that she shops at Lola B's and I shop at Anthro?) happens to be part of the display team, so she let's me in on where she get's some of the props she uses for her displays, then I go and buy the props, and bring them home for my own use.
such fun.
The little measure cups are my favorite, who doesn't want to measure EVERYTHING when you have those to use?
I also LOVE, Love, love the kitchen towels that Anthro sells, they are like eye candy, and you hate to even use them. I yell at the kids when they get near them, saying "don't even think about it", and of course, they yell back "mom, they ARE TOWELS", and then me, getting angrier, says " BUT, THEY ARE FROM ANTHROPLOGIE"
................................then it gets quiet, and I go back to measuring with my cups..............


Bedside Book of Famous French Stories

In keeping with Sadie Olive's blue week, I've added a few of my pics.....
I love peeking at every body's colors every week, it is so inspirational, and there are
so many fabulous photographers out there.


I need one of these...

I was walking along a street in the neighboring town of Geneva yesterday, for "Swedish days" and came upon this absolutely adorable Petite sitting room sitting in someones backyard.
I HAVE to have one. It's definitely a 3 season room, since we have the worst winters here, but I can picture myself sitting out in it throughout the fall.
I might even read to the kids in it!

I'll let you know if I find one like it, or if you have seen these somewhere, please let me know!


I love white....

{this is my little guy Fin}
Thanks Sara for for putting photo's of the vintage ephemera on your blog! I am WORKING on getting my site loaded with all the fab little wonders that i currently have in the shop, but seriously...............................

it's taking forever!

So thank you for being patient, i have everything set up, and just need to continue to size and re size the photo's and then I'm on my way....

At this point, anyone that wants to come over and give me a tutorial and walk me thru it, feel free.....


What do you love?

I'll tell you what I love to collect, bell jars and old suitcases. I've seen numerous ideas for what you can do with a bell jar or cloche, from putting a plant underneath or a collection of your favorite old bottles. Under one of my bell jars, I have a pic of my mom when she was a baby, along with some petite old bottles (also one of my fav's for collecting), and in the other bell jar, some old books (who doesn't love old, small books?) and one of my nests from the shop.
With suitcases, i like them stacked in my corner of the living room with a birdcage on top. I've seen suitcases piled next to a bed and used as a nightstand, or just a few stacked and used as a small coffee table.
Starting next week, I'm going to try and post a project, that i am currently working on and you can do at home....ie: transforming an old window into a piece of art, or even simply painting a piece of furniture. I paint a LOT of furniture, and even do it for my customers who want to turn their drab piece of furniture to fab, and it's so EASY to do!
I have a floor lamp, that i just found, and it's going to be project #1, so check back soon.....
p.s. Sherman the catapillar is in God's garden enjoying the bounty of his garden.
I think we will hold off on any more "pets" in our house.......


Meet our new "pet"

This is our new "pet", and his name is Sherman. I was in the backyard cutting some flowers yesterday, and out falls Sherman. Of course, the kids cried out in unison "can we keep him????"

These are the flowers, that Sherman had inhabited before he made his journey into our home.
Welcome home Sherman......


New finds.....

sparrow candles
bird earings from Eliwill designs
lots and lots of Eliwill's jewlery!
These awesome "No soliciting" signs for your front door
I just LOVE farmtables!

I wanted to show you what's in the boutique that's new this week. It's all been piling up in stacks and stacks since I've been away. I have 4 new (old) farm tables that I found before my trip to Colorado, and am anxious to start setting up and getting displays ready for The Country Living Fair in Sept!

Two of my favorite friends and also vendors at my shop will be setting up with me this year. Jeanne and Jen who both also started Etsy shops in the last few months (they are the ones that make the plaques, journals, frames, and letters) that you see in the shop. I'm also excited because another friend offered to come for the ride down and help set up.

It's going to be FAB! The show is 3 months away, which is really not that far off considering all the prep work that goes in to a show like this.


Life on the road.....

My dad officiated the ceremony, in my parents backyard. On the lake.......
This is Bonny, my brothers new wife, his love, his friend.....
my kids, in my parents backyard....
backyard again...
our family.

Well, we just returned from a Fabulous trip that started in Colorado and lead us down to New Mexico for my brothers wedding. I started the trip with low expectations, considering I had all 3 kids in tow, and Bryan wasn't joining us for a few days. We had a fun few days in Colorado, and needless to say, I still miss everyone there!
We then drove down to Angel Fire, New Mexico. This is where my parents retired to from California, and I truly think that New Mexico is not the prettiest state (sorry mom, sorry Julia Roberts), but it's just not a beautiful state, not until you reach this lake in Angel Fire. This last weekend of seeing family, and my brother making a lifelong commitment to the love of his live, just made me appreciate all the little things.

I have to say, the kids were the best they have ever been, and I am so excited to post these pics!

I LOVE, Love, love my new camera and also what my new computer lets me do!

Please let me know what you think!!!


up, up and away....

Trying to keep with the "red" theme, I thought this was a cute pic.

I am off to the lovely state of Colorado today, for a week. First, we (meaning myself, and the fam) go back to our old stomping ground of lovely Castle Rock. Then we head down to Angel Fire, New Mexico for my brothers wedding.
Back at the shop, I have 3 different girls working for me this week, so if you happen to stop in, I told them to be on their best behavior:)


InspiRED to find RED

I have been on a quest to find Red. I don't have red in my house, it's just not a color that's in my palette. I don't really have much at the shop either, but this morning, I had it!
Sara from SadieOlive told us to go find red.
Maybe I can find another shot today!