lost and found

I had a friend over last week who said to me, "I love how your children hide their little toys in the most darling of places".

One would never see the puppy in my birdcage, but alas, there he is, and there is stays.
{oh, and baby Wren came home yesterday after 10 days in hospital, so thank you for your prayers}


paige said...

well that's just the cutest darn thing :)

C Maisy said...

That's a very sweet friend to notice even the small things in your adorable home.

Where can everyone else get that amazing birdcage?????

Although, why get a dog in 38? days when you already have one that is cage trained! That's the ideal pet in my book!!

DolceBaci said...

Love that birdcage and those suitcases!!!

the wild raspberry said...

that is absolutely adorable! i love teeny tinies.
(great photography by the way. and i like the ribbon on the lamp shade)

traci said...

little treasures all over the place. adorable. so happy that baby wren is home.

please sir said...

Oh that is so cute - I thought you put it there as a fun surprise!

citysage said...

great news about baby wren!

and i recall when my sister was a kid, she would save gummy bears instead of eating them as she thought they were too cute to eat. she would also put them to bed in little boxes filled with cotton balls, so my mother was always finding ancient gummy bears with cotton stuck to them!


Simply Me Art said...

my son still does this at almost
10. I think it is a real boy thing with the little figures they like to play with. It really does look cute in the bird cage. Jamie

Carol said...

I just adore the dog in a birdcage... Thank you for reminding me of the preciousness of children.
Reminds me of the day my 5 year old grandson had left after visiting, I looked up at the mantle and saw he had squeezed a green John Deere tractor in among my decorations. It is now a permanent fixture.