Inspire me Monday

Hello all and welcome to the first of a series called "Inspire me Monday". I asked my friend Sara from Sadie Olive to come on over and tell us what inspires her.

I think I met Kasey a few years back when she contacted me to do some design work for her. We hit it off great, and got along very easily. It wasn’t long before we were trading sarcastic jabs, and stroking each others egos, like old friends do. I even got to meet Kasey in person last year at Heather Bullard’s Parisian Soiree, which is a pretty big deal for me, since I can say I have only met a handful of online friends in person. (And I tend to be a bit anti-social). I consider her a true friend, and was honored to “guest post” on her blog today.

Since today is “inspiration Monday”, I wanted to talk the many things that inspire to me, (duh!) so here goes…..

I am inspired by so many different things I can’t even find a place to start. So I figured I would make a list of all the things I could think of that give me joy and inspiration in one way or another.

black and white + typography + old linens + wire baskets + muted color + swedish anitiques + barn wood + rusty keys + paris + silhouettes + vintage photographs + polaroids + puppies + botanical prints + burlap + nests + shades of gray + stripes + anthropologie + beaches + open fields + train tracks + broken fences + willow trees + birch trees + all white rooms + organized pantries + folded quilts in a white armoire + my great grandmas quilt + naked babies + scarves + meg ryan + wooden hands + vintage ledgers + bubble baths + hannah + my sisters + yoga + leather journals + rogers gardens .... I'm sure I could go on, but my mind is foggy from this awful head cold.

image above from my Kaboodle account, which is full of items on my wish list

As for the people who inspire me…these are the top ten names on my list today…

  1. Elizabeth Maxon

  2. Joe Schmelzer

  3. Denise Bovee

  4. Anna Wolf

  5. Jenifer Altman

  6. Dan Brouillette

  7. Tracey Clark

  8. Erika Jessop

  9. Kevin Reiner

  10. Candice Olson

Many of them are amazing photographers, but there are a few designers in there as well. I made sure each name had a link so that you could take a peek and be inspired yourself.

Thank you Sara for taking the time to hop over here and let us into your world of inspiration!


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Very nice! Nice to hear from Sarah and get to know her even a bit more. Love the idea of "Inspiration Monday" and look forward to the weeks/months to come! 'Cause who can't use a little inspiration on a MONDAY!??? :)

C Maisy said...

great post. great idea on the series...wonderful guest poster.
kasey~ happy to have you back after your ultra mini vacation. you were missed.
happy monday

Brandie said...

Wonderful post! I absolutely LOVE Sara! In fact, she was the one who inspired me to take my love of photography from just looking to doing. Watching her progression in photography was the final push that I needed to buy my camera. She really made me feel like, I too could take beautiful picture with a lot of work and passion. Well, I definitely have a passion for it, always have, let's see what a bit of hard work and practice can do!

the wild raspberry said...

sara's list of inspirational items was absolutely perfect! she sounds like she would be a wonderful friend.
thanks for sharing sara!

LuLu & Co. said...

Loved reading this post! It is so fun to ready what inspired people who inspire me! what a great way to start a Monday!!! have a great one,

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

What a great post! I think her list pretty much sums up a lot of my same inspirational things. I guess I must have good taste...because I think Sara's taste is flawless. Thanks for this great idea Kasey!

Leah C said...

Two wonderful & inspiring bloggers for the "price" of one! Thank you Kasey for Inspiration Monday...and thank you Sara for sharing what inspires you:)

littlebyrd said...

oh oh! I love lists like this! I have been wanting to make my own and just might have to sit down and do it this week. Wonderful post.

Tara said...

Cute post and cute guest!!Sara is inspiring as well because she decided to follow her dreams and that to me is so inspirational! And she is successful to boot! This was fun Kasey...you are so creative...!

Vana said...

great post. Looking forward to the next one...

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I idolize Sara and her sense of style. I love everyone of your things!

Anonymous said...

Such a great post. I love the first photo....such a cute picture of her and her doggie!

Backyard Candle Co. said...

I was looking forward to Monday, and it met all of my expectations! Loved it!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post! A terrific mix of inspirations similar to my own, and some I'm not familiar with but can't wait to check out!

The Lil Bee said...

What a great post. I love coming here because it is always so inspiring, and I love that Kasey has included guest bloggers to broaden our horizons. Jennifer Altman is amazing, I agree. And I love the dog photo...so sweet!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Very inspiring post and lots of good info.

vintagewindow said...

Thanks for sharing this post and allowing us to meet more bloggers.
Candice Olson is one of my favorite hgtv designers.

Have a happy day


Simply Me Art said...

Wonderful post Sara and Kasey.. I love all the links too, Candice Olson is one of my Favs... Have a Great Week, Jamie

Brenna LaPray said...

I'm back! I can see I have a lot of catching up to do on reading your amazing posts. I hope things are well. I will call you very soon. I'm loving the dark hair!!

Reese & Marie said...

What a wonderful way to start the week. I especially enjoyed the visual part of the list because it was presented so creatively... and I love the collage. So inspirational, and yes, she has some wonderful inspirations!

paige said...

i love this post!!
sara is great
kasey is great
ya'll rock the blog world!!

PamperingBeki said...

Yes yes yes to everyone on your list!!

vicki archer said...

Inspiration Monday - love it Kasey. So great to hear what inspires Sara, that is inspiration in itself. xv

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for mentioning me, sweetheart! I hope you had a wonderful week.

Erika Jessop