to answer your questions....part 1

*I met my husband in Vail, Colorado his second night in town....at a bar.

*The most romantic thing I've done for him.........hmmmm. It's kinda hard to sweep him off his feet, but I did surprise him one year and we went on a 2 week trekking trip though the mountains of Europe.

*Ha. just kidding {that was just a dream}. Nope, we really just went to Vegas for a weekend, but nonetheless, he was surprised.

* My favorite shop OTHER than Anthro is twofold. I love Target, and I love H&M.

*I don't really have any fashion inspirations, I just buy what I like and what looks good to me.

*No, I wasn't always stylish. It has evolved for me in the last 5 years. I was always a t shirt and jeans girl. Don't ask anyone about High school, I was the biggest dork.

* my husband NEVER complains.

*you know why? He moved our little family to Illinois for his job. No man should ever complain ever again if they do that. He loves white furniture.

*I love my older home, and knew when we were moving here that i wanted old and charming. we lived in a new home in Colorado, so been there, done that. I would like a bit bigger home in the next year or so, but it will be old and charming once again.

*My perfect day for right now, would be to spend the day at the spa, drinks with some friends, and an evening with my hubby. {in Paris of course}.

*My perfect career {other than wonderful mother and thriving business owner}, would be to work at Anthro headquarters. I would be a buyer for them, or photographer, or set display. I already ran it by Bryan about moving to Phili.........didn't go so well.

*my favorite paint color is Cottage white, and French green

*My family runs well, and I am perfectly balanced as a mother, shop owner, and blogger. As you can see from the pic below, sometimes "kids" tend to get into things while I'm PREOCCUPIED.

*I'm a Christian.

*I wear sweats to bed.

*You can have your children over anytime to have a lemonade stand in front of my house {as long as you give me half the proceeds}

*My favorite meal is Mac n cheese.....the kind with the powdered cheese.

*Don't worry about candle soot. really. just make sure your fire alarms work.

*my favorite past time is this. blogging. I love catching up on everybody's lives. Have I told you how awesome you all are???

*I would hope if a movie were ever made of my life that Cate Blanchett would portray me.

*I used to be in nursing in my former life. Peds.

*I don't miss it.

*Actually.....I miss the money.

*The best advice I can tell you is to be yourself. Love what you do, do it right and be nice and you will be successful. Success to me is not based on how much i sold or the money involved, it's about being true to what i do and making it my own.

*no, I've never thought one bit about my home being on a home tour......why.....do you know someone? If you do, then send em my way;)

*my favorite part about blogging is what i said above, connecting with all of you. My least favorite part would be letting to much info out. People steal ideas.


Jen r. said...

What great things to learn about you! In my former life I was a paramedic and I miss the money too!!!I love anthro and of course, my children never get into anything like that! ;)

C Maisy said...

Thank you for your honest responses.
I love that pic of your little guy in the sink. TOO CUTE!!!
I think you should send Anthro a link to your blog...ya never know!!
You may think you share too much...for us readers it's awesome. You have a wonderful heart!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Fun to learn more about you! You crack me up! I personally love mac n cheese too. And the pic of your son and the sink strikes close to home ;-)

lejardengirl said...

you are wonderfully lovely...I love your best advice...its so perfect! thanks, Beth

the wild raspberry said...

thanks for the advice kasey.
isn't it funny how much we change when we leave the confines of high school?
have a good week.

Brenna LaPray said...

I feel like I know you even better than before. Such a sweet girl with a sweet family. Loved it!

Jackie said...

Great advice! So fun to get to know you a little better this way!

jen from windy ridge said...

LOL. Love this post. If we were to buy another already built home it would be and OLD HISTORIC HOME. I love your house!

Brandie said...

What a fun post! I loved getting to know a little more about you. I was jealous for a minute about the trekking through Europe, you are too funny!

Tara said...

Ahh Kasey, love all the info and that you met your husband in a bar...makes me chuckle not sure why? I love your advice, love what you do and be nice...that is perfect! Also, don't worry about giving to much info about yourself, I love honestly and learning more about others...make us all feel a little more conneted! so thanks for being so "honest"!

littlebyrd said...

I am so happy you did this Q&A. I didn't know any of these things about you and I feel like I know you a little better now and want to continue to get to know you as time goes on.

paige said...

well that my friend, was absolutley wonderful!!
i love getting to know you better you precious thing!

pediatric christian nurse that wears her sweats to bed too! wink

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

What a wonderful post...thank you so much for sharing. You look fabulous in blue by the way.
Cathleen alyce

LuLu said...

Love learnig more about you. Thanks for sharing, Love your blog and style. I keep visiting your on line store... want one of everything it's all wonderful!

Jamie said...

I loved the q&a. It was fun to get to know you better!

Mary said...

You had me going with the 2 weeks trekking through Europe comment! I just needed to scroll a little further to bring myself back to Earth. Vegas is great in its own way, too...but you about knocked me off my chair. Thanks for the wake up, I needed that on this lazy Monday afternoon. HaHa!

Amber Ellis said...

I have tagged you in my latest post! I love reading your blog. Such good stuff :)

traci said...

thanks for sharing yourself with us kasey. such honest, heartfelt answers.

Jeanneoli said...

What a fun read. I was feeling like an awful wife for never surprising Kelly with a Europe trip. Come to think of it....he would be happy with pork chops and Shake N Bake....

Anonymous said...

powdered mac and cheese IS the best, isn't it? and a day at the spa really is the best...next time you go, can I tag along?

thanks for sharing all these fun details!


Simply Me Art said...

Nothing better than wearing Sweats to Bed. Great to get the Dish!

*The Beautiful Life* said...

That pic of your son at the bathroom sink "cooking" up some wild rice -- PRICELESS!! Wearing his apron, no less! 'Course...I'm not the one who had to fish it all out of the drain, so naturally I find it funny. :)
Man I love that pic!
Thanks for sharing, Kasey!!

Molly said...

Love the Q & A Kasey. Thoughtful, funny and very entertaining. If I get back there this summer it's you, me, some drinks and a day spa...paid for, of ocurse, by the proceeds from the lemonade stand! XOXXOO

Leah C said...

What a fun post...love how open you are in your answers:) Thanks for sharing!

meg duerksen said...

how nice to get to know you better.
love this.
so........no pajamas? just sweats. :)

Leanne said...

Uh, I think it is safe to say that a lot of us could admit to the title dork in high school! I am a t-shirt and jeans girl. And still very much finding my style.

This lady at my little neighborhood church used to design THE WINDOWS at the Marshall Fields on State Street. That is until she got laid off last year {bad move, Macy's. But I digress... } I bet you could talk about design, window displays, colors, wall coverings, etc. for hours! hehehe... And I love that our historic, little church is just one block away from our apartment.

What say you? You used to be a nurse?!?!! Cool.

Nice collection of questions and responses. :)

McMaster & Storm said...

almost packed up but, baby made its appearance on sunday! wow, we should be moved out completely by this weekend.
love your umbrella post! I can't wait for warmer weather.
kara & darcy too

Bethie - Chic Junque said...

Very cute, my friend! The post makes me miss you!