a name...

I got a call the other day from my brother and his wife........they had their ultasound and it looks like they are having a baby boy.

Well of course there goes the name i had picked out if it was a girl.......Plum.

Don't roll your eye's...not everyone likes basic names...and i am one of those girls that like a little variety in a name.

Neither does my friend Jen over at Windy Ridge. ...she just had her 9th baby..{gulp}...yes....her 9th baby.

Jen had a contest a while back....called......name the baby.

I'm going to do one also....except i don't have a clothing line that i can offer you.

Let's have some fun this weekend......and pick out a name for my brother Spencer and his wife Bonny's little guy.

*You can pick up to 3 names and leave them in a comment.

*No names like Tom...Dick....or Harry.{hmmmm}
....they...like me...like different but not abnormal...

If they end up picking one of your names that was chosen....I will come up with some pretty cool gift for you....and i promise it'll be cool.

have fun!


Amy said...

Spencer? That's my son's name! Love it!
I vote for:
Asher, Cooper (my other son), Beckham, Tegan, Samuel, or Sailor (I know sweet little boys with all those names except Asher, though my husband worked with an Asher once!).
Amy in CA

The Little Red Shop said...

Hmmm...I'll have to think about that! I'm working on a huge family research project with my auntie. I have found a treasure trove of names on our family tree. One of my Ohio grrrreat grandpas was called Asbery Gardner...there was also Levin Noble (is the Country Living Fair anywhere near Noble County?)...and Sterling Price....he was my great grandpa and is pictured on my Mother's Day post.

Congratulations to your family!

: )

Julie M.

♥ miss.michelle said...

Well my favorites are:


All three ending in "n", not all that out of the ordinary. But charming little boys names that I love.

~michelle xo

Rachel said...

I'm no good at coming up with names, but I wanted to tell you I love the name Plum! I want to name our girl Ruby, but my husband thinks that's weird. I'll work on him though. :)

cupcake studio said...


-Shade (this is the name of our 80+ next-door neighbor that has a heart as big as sunshine. I've always been quite smitten with his name.)

Federica said...

Unfortutanely I can't help you darling, I really don't know american names! Only italians..Marco, Luca, Matteo....

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ann said...

Here are my three names:
1. Bryce
2. Sterling
3. Legend
I also like the name Plum for a girl, so cute!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

I'm voting for Grayson. There's a little curly blond-haired boy in my daughter's kindergarten class with that name (he's really cute).

*The Beautiful Life* said...

How fun!
1. Ethan
2. Maximus
3. Levi

Congratulations, Spencer & Bonny!


Nancy said...

Hey - have to get in on the baby name fun. Know he will be a cutie whatever his name.

anniedavis said...

I have to vote for:
1. Levi
2. Noah
3. Ethan

I have to admit, the top two are my son's names and the 3rd is if I would have had another.

I also LOVE Noah's middle name: Hunter

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Well, since I'm the mommy of two boys with very cool names I'll include those
1. Asher
2. Zephan
and if we ever had a bonus
3. Soren

Laura said...

I always liked Sawyer, Jasper & Cooper. My husband nixed all of them during both of my pregnancies, but I did get to use Cooper as a middle name for one!

Polly said...

Hello! I'm not sure how unconventional these names are, but I thought I would share them...
Harper and Carter
Wishing your brother and sister-in-law a healthy pregnancy and baby boy!

wildwesthome said...

Only THREE names? This is gonna be hard cuz I just finished helping my sis name her little boy.

My top choices are:

Brodie or Brody

gabrielle said...

I'm kind of partial to Oliver, Enzo and Lucca

Alison said...

How fun! I love coming up with names! Here are three really cool names (in my opinion):

1. Hadley
2. Rowan
3. Everett

Have a great weekend!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

My pics:
Abram (Abe for short)

I'm also partial to Calvin and Silas. :)

Anonymous said...

Taj - An Indian name that means 'crown', I love this name for boys. It is strong, powerful and symbolic.

Thor - Norse god of Thunder. A very powerful Nordic name.

Callum, Colm - these two names are linked through the meaning 'dove'.

Beth Gales said...

How about Charlie?

melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

Here are the three I'm picking for them :)

1. Tucker
2. Bennett
3. Trey

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...


Riley (the second choice for our second son...and I still love it)

Micah (I've just always loved it)

How exciting for them!!

Hope you're having fun without me in Ohio. sigh.

JMom said...

1) Ezra
2) Finley
3) Oliver

And, I love the idea for the name Plum! (but not enough to have more kids) :)

A Thing for Roses said...

My three votes are:

1. Hunter
2. Avery
3. Henry

Good luck!


Maria said...

I vote for Otis. It's short, sweet, and not very popular.

jmb said...

Finn, Rylan, Avery

paige said...

oh fun!
but i must tell ya, when it comes to boy names i'm probably a big snooze...i'm more of an old schooler.
i love jack
i love john david & call him J.D.
i love max too

guessing you might file those under tom dick & harry
congratulations to them!!

Backyard Candle Co. said...

1. Sawyer (I'm biased with this name but I still LOVE it!)
3.Jax (this is my bff's little guys name only she spells it Jaix, which is cool too.)

Backyard Candle Co. said...

I have to add one more.... Rhett.

Leah C said...

Oh my choices would be:
1. Sawyer
2. Atticus
3. Keegan

I'm done having babies, but I plan on bribing my daughters' someday to let me name my grandbabies;)

Shawn Seay said...

Creed and
Zane....and I also think Plum is pretty. Happy Weekend!!


Kimberly said...

Dagnabbit, I was going to say Oliver and its already on here twice!

I suggest:

Christian (my bro's name)
Raylan (my grandad's name)
Jett (coworker's baby boy's name)

Aubree @ The Weathered Cottage said...

Elias (Eli)
Kiptyn (Call him Kippy)

My next boy will be Finn (but I know you already have one!) I too LOVE unique but not too strange of names!

Congrats to the new parents!!

grace..... said...

Fynn Andrew....

Crystal said...

My son's name is Chance ...I like it because I've heard it once or twice but hardly ever

RACHELLE said...




Lori said...

Wow ~ look at all the names so far! I was going to vote Cooper because I love the last names as first ones.I had David picked out because it was my Dad's name, so I have a personal attachment to it. Cortlandt was Dad's 3rd name and it is different. I also like Carter and Tucker.

jules said...

Fun, Fun, Fun....Well, I have a Graydon & Jackson, so of course I love both of those names. However, I think that these are strong boy names too.

1. Gates (a friend of ours name & he is the nicest guy)
2. Bubba, no just kidding
3. Hudson (just love this)
4. Rye (one of the cutest boys that goes to our church)

Congrats to your brother and sister-in-law!!

Carmen said...

How fun! Congrats to your brother and SIL. How about...

1. Logan

2. Ethan

3. Caleb


PamperingBeki said...



A.Love said...

Well, here are ones that are either in my family or I just like
1. Raider (not like the team)
2. Brooks
3. Prestyn

Nicky said...

1. Henry
2. Teddy
3. Jack

These were on my name list, we ultimately went with Henry. good luck!

paperhill said...

I'm pretty traditional when it comes to names. Have fun at the country living fair!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Are you in your shopping bliss yet? I was here waiting for you ,bags packed,and you never came. What happened to you? I guess you couldnt find my house due to the rain. I know that must be it because you would never leave without me for a shopping trip like that. It's ok....really! I will just watch for your tweets and dream about all the neat gifts you will be finding for me! Yep, that's what I do...no hard feelings girl. Have fun!

aahcoffee said...



Kristin said...

Okay, I'm going to break my own rule here...never share baby names that I adore....always bites me in the rear end...but considering it is you and your wonderful family Congrats BTW!!

1. Cutler
2. Gaitlin
3. Lathan James

I should have about 10 kids this is only a portion....sadly Studly Cowboy wants to stop at 3....
Have fun at the Country Living Fair...so totally jealous!!

Jen from Windy Ridge said...


Kacey said...

1. Jude
2. Julian
3. Ethan

Anonymous said...

How fun! Love baby boys!

1. Finn
2. Harper
3. Gray

mandiegirl said...

*Cruz (my all time fav no matter what my hubby says)



Terri said...

i vote:
Leviticus (Levi, pronounced Levee, the Hebrew way, for short)

i, too, don't like to share baby names and i'm expecting too but this was really fun to read so i thought i'd share!

Laura said...


Kristin said...

So many to choose from in this list! Funny when you tell them that you have had a contest and not only do they have the fun pressure of family to carry down the legacy of a name that one would never name their child on their own, but now you must share with them that there has been a blog contest for names and it was chosen and that is that! Tee hee hee. Love all the creative names many have posted!

Preppy Mama said...

I am partial to "C" names. My boys are Casey and Cooper. I love Chase and Carter was my pick if I had a 3rd.
My husband was always partial to Logan.

Farmgirl Paints said...

1.) Graham
2.) Grayson
3.) Lincoln

Amy said...

I LOVE the name Ryder...my youngest sons name(4th of 4 boys).

adb said...

1)Griffin (name of my little guy)

...just a few of my favorites!

a little bit vintage said...

Hmmm....boys names, huh....


BTW, you have an award waiting for you on my blog. ;) Have a great weekend!


Rachel said...

I vote for Rocco, Kinglsey or Cashe...Love all of those names...it almost makes me want to have another baby....just kidding, I am not that ambitious...xoxo!

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

Some of my favorites:


O.k. so I know that is more than three...just thought maybe just one of those you just might like! ;)

Hugs to you!


Anonymous said...

1. Grayden
2. Grayson
3. Braden

Holly said...


Always an adventure to name a baby!!

Anonymous said...

1. Shale
2. Tryg
3. Charlie

mrs boo radley said...




Colleen said...

(my freckle faced 8 year old)


Jennie said...

Wow, my first two choices - Soren and Rowan - are already there, so how about:


Congrats to the whole family (and Plum is a great name!).

Kathrine said...

Wow! This is fun. I love names. Before I could have children I always kept a list of names that I ran across so when I became pregnant I would be ready! So many of the names given are on my list but I didn't see

1. Donovan
2. Dylan
3. Damien (yea, I know but he was a priest first who helped lepers)

Then there is Ian, Adrian and Froderick. Ha. Kidding on Froderick (Young Frankenstein).

Happy baby!

Vintage Junky said...

hudson, rigby, gable

Michelle said...

I have 2 boys and if my 3rd was a boy I was in trouble! I just could not think of another name for a boy.. thankfully she was a girl {so fun}. But I do have a few for them to look at!


Congrats to them!

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

My great-great grandpa's name was Justus.

I have ALWAYS loved that name - and if I didn't marry a Justin, it would be tops on my list.

Being an Auntie is the BEST....so excited for you.


3egirls said...
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3egirls said...

I have 3 girls, but if i ever had a boy our favorite name choices were Mitchell, Adam, and Coyt.

Rebecca said...

Holy Crap!! Look at all of those names...i'm just gonna throw a couple of my favs in for fun...





...can't wait to hear what they decided on...

Rebecca said...

...can i add another one...

-Weston...or Easton...I love those too....

okay...i'm done now.

Michelle@Sweet Something said...


I named my sons Keegan and Logan but I also considered these three names...

caren said...

How about:
Thatcher or Bennett

Hope I win!

The Hills said...

I do like normal-ish names for boys. BUT it seems like most people here (in Utah) try to come up with different names for their kids.

Some I've heard of...
1. Kannon
2. Bridger
3. Steele

I love baby names! You'll have to blog about their final decision!


jake and kelsey said...

You don't know how excited I am about these comments. My husband and I have been struggling for a boy name and this has been VERY helpful.

Here are my suggestions:

Lenny is my fav {husband hates it}
Lenox {call him Lenny or Knox}

I love all those names but my husband won't have it :( Good luck and thanks again!

jake and kelsey said...

One more cool name I like is

Lux {never met anyone with that name I just love it!}

Anonymous said...

My son's name is Connor, which I love and his middle name is Evan. I have always loved the name Evan but already have a cousin with that name so I decided to use it as his middle name.

The Lil Bee said...

It's funny, I had no problem picking out our boy names, but girl names were a lot harder for us. And, of course, here we are having a girl! I think Ethan is a nice name for a boy. And I also like Gus.

Sarah said...

Grady, Camden and Levi are the ones I can come up with right now. I like unique names as well. I named my oldest Dakota not knowing it was a hugely popular name that year! I was big into place names for a while, like Brooklyn, Dakota, Montana, etc.
Then we were having our youngest and browsed names like Keanu, Keenan, (notice the K trend) and finally settled on our own spelling of Kaiden. Again becoming a hugely popular name but varied in the spelling across the board.
Congrats to your brother and his wife! I can't wait to hear what they name their little guy!

Anonymous said...

My picks are:

1) Archer
2) Charlie (goes with your Lola!)
3) Xavier

PS I have a Harry (but no Tom or Dick ;)

SCmama1971 said...

Only 3? eek

1) Finn

2) Brigham

3) Sawyer

The Flying Bee said...

My picks are

1. Braeden(my son's name)
2. Owen
3. Vance

lisakay said...

Maybe they've been said already but my picks are
Lucky, Sawyer and Nash

Paddywack Designs said...

How about Levi, Gavin or Jax.

Jessica Haley said...

Layton, Liam, Ammon {Spanish roots, means friend}

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

When I was expecting our son we were given some real winners in terms of suggestions. Please keep in mind that our last name is Gunn.
We had Tommy, Ray, Peter, Tim, Colt, Remington, and Winchester "Chester" for short among other suggestions like Bazooka and Sonofa.
In the end we selected something to compliment our last name which is of Scottish heritage. (But I don't want to divulge it in a public area~safety 1st!).
So go with heritage. Or like Nicole Richie, be inspired with nature as she did in naming her son Sparrow. Which strangely I really kind of like.

Jeanneoli said...

So fun that they found out!!!

William or Will

Brenna LaPray said...




Three names that were on my boy list and the winner was...Cole. Ya, I realize it wasn't on the list. I'm so happy for your brother and his wife. Wish them all the best.

nameisgrace said...

oh i love me some baby name games! ok,as you know, i have a Harper and like to keep it unique (so don't choose that one haha)...here is my list...


i could go on and on. ps. these names are ALL from friends of mine. CRAZY huh?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations....how about Oscar?

CharityMay said...

i love them all.

vintagebejoyful said...

I love Boys!


Whimsical Creations said...

Here are my top 3

1. Ian
2. Sean
3. Erik

Rue said...

I'm too lazy to read everyone's comment, so I don't know if they picked my 3....


Cute, but not weird :)

drive back safely!


Anonymous said...


Nathaniel (my little guy)


Anonymous said...




sorry...couldn't help myself

Any Given Thought said...

Rexton (aka: Rex)

Davin (DAVV-in)


Lisa said...


Alicia said...

For a boy...hmmm...i like levi, trajen, brecken, gage, ryder, sutton, wright, cooper...hmmm i'll have to keep thinking...i'll get back to you...

Polly said...

Hello again! I put a couple names in the other day, but wanted to add this one....


I just love it!

Morgan said...

103 comments?! You're one popular lady! My three may have already been named but I couldn't read through ALL 103 comment which equals 309 names! haha!


Renee Bonorand Fleming said...


being an aunt is great - picking names for someone elses' babies, too.

Alicia said...

I love Plum!!!!
Hatton is a fav of mine which could be Hadden as well. Im also partial to Miller. I love the tradition of using the maternal maiden name...very Southern, very delightful if it all plays out to fit. Finn you already used..it really is a huge fav of mine.
Mind you without knowing a last name...its hard to choose one the blends well.

Susan J said...

Greer (boy or girl)

Farmgirl Paints said...

Saw a kid's movie this weekend and the main character's name was Flint. Thought that was cool. So I'm officially adding it to my list.

Anonymous said...

hi all,

how about FINN (Finnigan)




ELI (Elijah)

Pick mine please!


Anonymous said...


apriliniowa said...


lovelovelove all three. :)

Bay said...

O.k. I'll keep it to three...I guess.
and last but certainly NOT least
Zaren or Zahran. LOVE THIS ONE!!!
I once knew a Zaren and he was the sweetest cutest guy. I've kept that name in my file for years!
Hope you had fun this weekend. Can't wait to hear about it.

Anonymous said...

my favs are:

eli (middle son's name)

love all the idea's i am getting!!!


Chablis said...

Eldon...it's my dad's middle name and I could not sell Scott on it. Of course, I LOVE the name Henry too, so it worked out okay. I wouldn't be upset if they tooke the name henry either.

Katy said...

I'll think of more later. I love naming people and things.

Pam said...

Glad you had a blast! I am tossing Garrett, Matt and Luke in the hat. Congrats, Auntie!

vintage simple said...

Well, obviously I love the name Noah - my son's name. I'm also partial to Milo. they're both really gentle names to me, if that makes sense, and not that common, at least in my neck of the woods.


marsha said...

My daughter has always loved the name North for a boy. I also love Augustus, could be August or Gus~


HeartSmiles said...

Just 3?? Okay, I like these:

1. Harrison (Harris for short)

2. Jude (not just because of my huge crush on Jude Law)

3. Dawson

And of course I love the name we gave our son, Collin.

princessmimi said...

Here are a few unique and, in my opinion, very cute names...




Jerri said...

Ok Kasey I seriously had to give some real names other than the not serious one I suggested while we were having ice cream...ha ha!

How about these? Benton, Kenton, or Trenton; Judidiah(Jud), Elieon(pronounced L-E-on), Gabe, Caden, or just plain Tate.

PS If someone else gave you these sorry..I didn't know because you have far too many comments to read them all :)!

Christina said...

Colter ... call him Cole or Colt (And yes, this is my son's name!)

I also loved Jackson but everyone seems to be named that now!


Amy said...

Oops, sorry!I posted more than 3...I'm the first poster, too! Sorry.....didn't follow directions...LOL...so my top 3 would be:
1. Cooper
2. Beckham
3. Sailor
Amy in CA

Alexis said...

new reader here. as someone who loves writing, i always keep an eye out for unusual or not so common names i like. :)

1. Liam
2. Tobias (Toby for short)
3. Sullivan (Sully for short?)

***LIZ*** said...

We are going to name our next boy Atticus, what can I say we love to kill a mockingbird. Along with that theme maybe Radley- they could call him Rad. Or Max, yea for boys, we love boys!!

Tiffany said...

Oh, I love picking out names...

1.) Silas
2.) Cross
3.) Crew

Twig - Love Your Home said...

Ok ok ok...so I think I'm late to join in this name the baby business...but I'm gonna go ahead anyways. I haven't read anyone else's comments either so sorry if I duplicate!!!

Ok so here we go...

- Elijah
- Alpin
- Thayer
- Wyatt
- Silas
- Griffin
- Grayson
- Benson
- Adric
- Emlen
- Gerard Butler -- oops that's not real...I just saw a commercial with him on it. mmm ;)

Anyways, baby names aside, I have to tell you - as a first time reader...girl you got me hooked! I am loving your posts!!!

B said...


B x

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

I think the world needs more boys named Emidio. They are lovable, sweet, adorable and full of life. :)

Robyn said...

If I had another son I would name him Finn, love that name. Also love my sons name which is Owen.
Congrats to your Brother and his wife!! (love your white skirt!) and new kicks!!!

Anonymous said...


Gray (my son is Cale Grayson)

Harvey (my daughter has a Harvey in her class...love him)

Kennedy (my daughters name but everyone seems to think it's a boys name)

I would totally steal Plum if I ever had another baby girl..too cute.

Brei Cornell said...

I am partial to


The first two are my boys, and the last, will be my next boy... if that were to happen.

Anonymous said...

Love, love that name.
I have two girls, and I so would of named my boy Tristan.

Shannon said...

Of course my first choice would be Wentworth (Went). How about Rowe or Lake (my cousin's name). I can't wait to read everyone's suggestions!

Anonymous said...

this is so fun... i choose
nicholas spencer
hampton spencer
spencer hampton
i am obsessed with how the initials
sound..He deserves a worthy monogram!
love & joy ... k.

marsha said...



Sara said...

My two boys are Phoenix (after the mythology, not the city!), whom we call Phoen, and Xavier (usually just goes by X). I love their names because they're unique without being too crazy. :) I also enjoy Felix, cute, and rarely heard. :)

Ashley @ AshleysBusy said...

So many fun names listed! Here are mine:

Wren (my absolute fave)

names already listed but I love:


Anonymous said...

I love that people are adventurous in naming their babes these days...

1. Lucky (my sons name and seriously rare!)
2. Hugo (too cute)
3. Casius (pronounced cash-us)
4. Landon - Although it seems to becoming more populur lately, I still think it's cute.
5. Gus or Augustus...(if I had another boy, I'd probably go with this.)

Good luck!

lorchick @ ON{thelaundry}LINE said...

Traejan (tray-yen)

Just some of my wierdy boy picks. <3

Samantha2818 said...

I love thinking of baby names and my favourites are:

SETH (my son's name) - not at all common here in the UK - in fact most people ask me to repeat his name!

NED (my nephew's name but we all call him Neddy - he even refers to himself as Neddy)

JESSE is such a cool cowboy name

DYLAN cos I'm Welsh and it's a really cool Welsh name

OWEN another Welsh name and my son's middle name

LLOYD (another Welsh name)
SAWYER (from LOST - need I say more!!)
I could go on.....

Queen of Cashmere said...

Divine blog.
I have a boy/man named Conrad and the name fits him to a T. Glad we picked it over our other beautiful choices. Jared & Jasper

Morrighan said...




Eliza Joy Capps said...

I knew of a boy named Boots and I thought that was the cutest name!

I also like Zion, Bernie, and Hoch (pronounced Hoke)!

Jahni said...

(Short for John Calhoun)

Blueprint Bliss said...

1. Parks
2. Selby
3. Atley

I love names...

~LisaLou~ said...

We've got lots of boys in our Family. Here's some of ours:
Ridge, Ty, Kelly, Hunter, Blake, Kallin, Porter, Brody, Hayden,
Dusty (Dustin), Calvin, Malcom,
Kreed, Wyatt, Keegan, Dana. I also like Teague.
Ok, I could keep going, but I'll give someone else a turn!

Amanda P said...

My three names are Gage, Anderson, and Cecil.

Tammy said...

1. Oliver
2. Finnigan
3. Henry

Angela said...

I'm kind of stuck on my own 3 boys' names,
1. Griffin Todd
2. Chandler Jaren
and 3. Brady Zane, we named all of ours for someone in the family but I did have a couple that I really wanted to use but got a frown from my hubby, Briley and Brinson.
Good Luck, looks like they now have tons to choose from!

Anonymous said...


Sorry I don't have a blog .. yet.

~Cherie said...

Here are my three picks. What a fun contest. I think that Plum is a lovely name.

1. Jamison
2. Killian
3. Datus

Weiss Crew said...

I just have one suggestion:

Crew or Cru

I heart your blog!


Liz said...

I know I'm late, but I love names and just had to give my 2 cents. And I can't stop at just three...


Rachel said...



Xander or Zander

Mama Goose said...

Mine are Finn and Owen...

Others we considered:

1.) Calvin
2.) Milo
3.) Eleazer

There's nothing like a baby boy...

Gail said...

How about "Bon"? Sorta like "Bon Jovie" but named after his mother, Bonnie. :0 I like it...



:)Keep up the blogging!

-Gail G.

Marci said...

crew...i love that name. or i guess you could spell it crue.

i am also a lover of fin..such a cool little name.

A.Love said...

Ok I got a few more because i've been thinking babies lately. Shhh, don't tell anyone! :)

Tylen <--husband's favorite

I'm apparently into "n" ending names.

Kari said...

Okay, so I am new here, but had to jump in on this game. I love baby names and I just had a girl, so I couldn't use my boy names.

1. Jasper
2. Roxton or Rockston
3. Vegas
4. Isaac
5. Jake (yes, not Jacob, just Jake)
6. Bron

PS~Erin said...

I can't remember if I left my 2 cents on names... My fave boy names:

Mason (I know that's out, but had to mention it)

LOVE talkin' baby names!

Anonymous said...

We just went through this whole name thing...
My top Fave names:


See u on Saturday
Kate Ford

LillySue said...

Gerard Butler....Whoops, how did that get there? His name is actually pronounced Jared (which I like too). He hates that we Americans pronounce it the French way, (He is Scottish)so he just goes by Gerry.
I so love Fin!
We named our boy Jesse
Blessings on their new little guy!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your cute little blog.
My favorite boys names:

claire said...

Raleigh or Bennett?

Elizabeth said...

I love thinking of names...Here are a few of my choices:(First and middle names)

Bryson (Bryce) Couper
Mason Wade
Steelton Hendrick
Carlton Stone

Best wishes!


Anonymous said...

ellery is a pretty cool name for a guy!

Ridenour Family said...


That is my middle son's name.

Anonymous said...

my sons name: Creighton
be sure to tell us what they decide

Mark & Lorri said...


Although if we were to have another boy I was leaning towards Jake, but it was a girl instead.

tubal reversal said...

nice thing is having a baby because if you have the baby then the couple feel comfort and its really an admitted fact that if your children are honest and love you then it really a nice and gud thing.
any way babies are just like the flowers so we must be more full during the gestation period and continuously interact with the Dr for getting detail and information....

gigiandoliver said...


All very special names for me...and unique too!