Hello Tara....

Hello friends and welcome Saturday! I don't know about you but I really love Saturdays....
I also want to introduce you to my friend Tara of Bella Pink.....

Hello Tara, I'm so happy you have taken the time to answer a few questions for me. First off, can you tell my family of readers a little about yourself, your family and your business?

I've been happily married to my high school sweetheart for 13 years and we have a son Nicholas (who prefers "Nick") age 12 and our daughter Natalie (never ever "Nat") is 7. We live in Bucks County PA.

I sort of stumbled into blogging and writing accidentally on purpose if that makes sense.

I owned an online boutique, Bella Pink, where I sold treasures from my flea junkin trips, my photography as prints and postcards, pillows, slipcovers and really just anything romantic, chic and beautiful. Because I was persistent, (don't be scared, editors don't bite) I had had some wonderful opportunities with press coverage on the shop and before I knew it, I was scouting homes and products for editors, which eventually led to my own column. The focus of the column was primarily blogs, but not just regular blogs, these were creative, inspiring and visually thought-provoking blogs. I had been blogging myself since 2004, starting on Blogspot and then making the switch to Typepad in 2006 and never looked back. On my blog, tara frey {typing out loud}, I blather on about nothing and sometimes something. It's just a collection of thoughts, randomness of my life, my kids, my husband, my family, our little world. This landed me a book contract with Lark and my childhood dream of someday writing my own book (with cool doodles) turned into reality.

*So Tara, like myself, you seem to be an avid Anthro girl. What is pulling at you fashion wise this Spring?

I am in love with the look of wearing a simple dress with jeans (I'm not a tights kind of gal) and sandals. Add a funky belt and it makes for a great ensemble. I also love a simple tank layered with a vest. Also, anything grey is mine. (If you read my blog, than you may know there was an intervention)

*How funny, because we all know how fond I am of grey this season, and it's not just clothes!
I know you are working hard on a book about blogging, what can you tell us about the book and the stage it's at?

I'm happy to report the book is done! and as I type this, I found out it's available for pre-order. (see links below) I'll be making an official announcement on my blog sometime in May. (gulp) It was definitely a labor of love and I'm so grateful for all the talent that fills the pages.

Barnes & Noble: http://tiny.cc/barnes227
and Amazon: http://tiny.cc/amazon227

*Tara did mention that my little blog made it in the book...whew! I was a little nervous asking her about how the book was coming along and then she would tell me that "dang Kasey, you just don't have a good enough blog".....but all is good.

*Tara, I've heard that you live in a "farmhouse" style home, and I live in one as well, could you tell us what you love about this style home, and how does that affect the way you decorate?

I love creaky old floors and tiny rooms here and there. When I was little, I dreamed of window seats and dormer windows. That was a major factor when building our reproduction farmhouse. I went through a serious shabby chic phase that we all thought would never end. My husband is happy to hear I'm over it and have moved on to a more french inspired look, still casual and elegant.

*I want to hear about your favorite places to visit or a favorite restaurant in your area.....do you mind sharing???

Bucks County is a beautiful area. Known for its amazing foliage in the Fall. A must see is Peddlars Village in Lahaska (http://peddlersvillage.com/ )for its quaint shopping and cobblestone streets. A favorite restaurant is Marsha Browns in New Hope:

* And last but not least Tara, how has blogging been an Inspiration to you, and what blogs have you come across that you find inspiring??

Blogging has taught me to appreciate the little things throughout my day. Simple and sweet moments that make up a memory.

I want to remember my kids the way they are right now. Their voices and gestures. I know someday I will dig deep into my archives and look back on things I might have forgotten if I didn't blog about it. And for that, I'm grateful to be a blogger.

While researching and writing the book, I've found the most incredible blogs. The gems I try and read daily are:

Posie Gets Cozy
Vintage Indie
Soule Mama
Tongue in Cheek
Lucys Lounge at Tutti Chic

Typepad asked me for a top ten list, you can find that link here:
*Thanks Tara for taking the time to come over and chit chat!
I know I am soooo looking forward to reading your lovely blogging book!!