meet and greet winners...

I knew you would like this pic above....and later this week i will do a post about it;-0.

you have been so patiently awaiting the winners of last Mondays meet and greet...

so here they are:

Petit Coterie pillow: Tamara

Dreams of France frame: Lissa

Flax and Spindle pillow: Tricia {backyard candle}

Ruche : Kristin {twinkle life}

Paper Hill necklace: Lindsay Mckay

Little Lotti girls capri's : J.J.

Little ByRd clutch: Michelle Bebe

SadieOlive design: Mindy {Mindy loves to garden}

Have a fabulous rest of the weekend girls and i will see you tomorrow.

winners...email me and i will get you in touch with the goods.